Lured (United Artists) (1947)

Record Details:

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0 C & 8 beautiful girls on his mind—all of !em quite dead! Personal^ 1 met" accorfine \ «r;U wear red c< et me to- \ to letter, \ aroattoo-' JOHN The killer was downright -artist*’ when it comes to homicide. Poor Lucille is used as bait to trap him! She gets into the doggondest situations, so hilariously funny you'll die laughing—so suspenseful you’ll simply DIE! ft He prowls f ,, through the night. HUNT STROMBERG | presents <3^ e SANDERS dWfeBALL OWx^COBURN B^KARLOFF with tfotvt OMAtoei iWft at I. \ )<mt-PoHfr et ifoult wivid tifi fiie autet-deacl! He appreciated the beautiful things SIR CEDRIC HARDWICKE • JOSEPH CALLEIA ALAN MOWBRAY* GEORGE ZUCCO Directed by DOUGLAS SIRK • Screenplay by LEO ROSTEN Produced by JAMES NASSER Executive Producer, HUNT STROMBERG His alibi was ^ clever — she was beautiful too. 4 cols, x 140 lines Mat 407—.60 Page 5a