Lured (United Artists) (1947)

Record Details:

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Personals FAMOUS ARTIST SEEKS BEAUTIFUL MODEL. Mee t 9 o’clock Griffin Lamp- post, 60 paces north, Battersea Bridge. I HUNT STROMBERG presents jSccitte- Ouvtlca SANDERS • BALL ° COBURN ■B-*. KARLOFF SIR CEDRIC HARDWICKE > JOSEPH CALLEIA ALAN MOWBRAY • GEORGE ZUCCO Directed by DOUGLAS StRK • Screenplay by LEO ROSTEN Produced by JAMES NASSER Executive Producer, HUNT STROMBERG Released thru United Artists His alibi was clever — she was beauti¬ ful, too! What does he seek while prowling thru the night? SkC p|<UfS CL ioviC ko*ul cujalndi a Hone uxyljj— who loved beautiful girls... to deaths 8 Beautiful girls on his mind —all¬ dead! “Pont omAuwi tUU cJ. Dcvtt-P Ovfc ot tjowtt tuvvtd up Ul filC IU ruvet- He loved beautiful things! Ejve Cols, x 178 lines (890 lines) Mot 504— .75 Page 7a