Lured (United Artists) (1947)

Record Details:

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^WKB (KILLER-BAIT) The killer is an "artist” with his homicide ...but when Lucille steps in and just does what comes naturally-b-r-o-t-h-e-r-you’ll scream at the fun and suspense! _ ^ c ;\{ Povt OmAuWI tiu4 oJ. DoMf-UCVttr V \ at iiOvlli uHvtd up Iw •rtiC Uftd! L\A6 e - vetsc» * . STROMBERG P COBUBH SANDERS Joseph CMtf DOUUUS sm Produced PK twe Producer, 3 cols, x 75 lines-225 lines m ► » HUNT STROMBERG presents IGE SANDERS LUCILLE BALL CHARLES COBURN KARLOFF Xunzo with SIR CEDRIC HARDWICKE . JOSEPH CALLEIA ALAN MOWBRAY . GEORGE ZUCCO ® n b ^ s ut ^ d «i_ rls directed by Douglas Sirk . Screenplay by Leo Rosten all dead! produced by James Nasser To nab the killer who used the Persom Columns to lure beautiful young girls to thei death, Lucille is used as bait... and what ha f pens will have you screaming wit! laughter and freezing wit! suspense! executive producer HUNT STROMBERG released thru United Artists theatre ^ 2 cols, x 100 lines (200 lines) # Mat 206—.30 Mat 302—.45 $/ie!iK8 (KILLER-BAIT) lure a killer who loved beautiful girls... to death! ^ He prowls thru iv the nightl He loves beOwjH G-'To JfftS • C0BURH PdUt dvvsu>e\, Hus aJ...dont. ..dlort+...<l0VCf r ox you'll wvnj uf Ivufitc /twe^-i^uj dead! 2 cols, x 125 lines-250 lines