New York Nights (United Artists) (1929)

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HER ATT TALKING FIRST SINGING PICTURE Joseph M Schenck presenls Nevi StorK NijAits' vill^ GILBERT ROLAND The romance of a little militant of the theatre who warred for her man against hopeless odds and won. A heart drama told amidst the riotous backgrounds of city speakeasies and a jazz-mad show- world. a,LEWIS MILESTONE production Produced under the supervision of JOHN W. C0NS1DINE , JR. UNITED ARTISTS PICTURE — IS —Two Col. Ad (Mat 10c; Cut 50c) Irving Berlin Contest Hold a special Irving Berlin night. Tie up this stunt with your local music dealer and your newspaper by a cooperative advertising campaign. Announce that prizes will be given to all those who sue- cessfully identify the Berlin songs you play as a prologue to the pic- Cure. Include “A Year from Today,” theme song of “New York Nights” among the number. Play but a snatch of each number. Dis- tribute blanks with entries equal to the number of selections played. On the reverse side of the blank run catchy copy about your showing. The same idea can be worked over the radio. “New York Nights” Advertise a special series of “New York Nights.” Decorate your marquee and lobby with gay trimmings. Hire a colored jazz band to play atop of your marquee. Set loud speakers at the front and sides of canopy so that the music can be heard for blocks. Have your at' tendants dress like the employees of a smart night club—girls in abbre' viated black silk costumes and high hats; men in white tuxedos. Get up an exhibition of modernistic paintings in your lounge. Serve tea or demi'tasse after the manner of ultra modern New York theatres. Advertise these facts in your ads. j Piano Ballyhoo With the aid of compo board and scrim get up a ballyhoo music store display. Essay Contests Get your local editor to invite readers to submit essays ranging from 100 to 150 words on the following topics. Give prizes of either merchandise or free tickets for the best articles. “Why I believe Norma Talmadge is one of the screen’s greatest actresses." “Norma Talmadge’s portrayal of Jill Deverne in ‘New York Nights' is a tribute to the talking pic- tures.” “My favorite Norma Talmadge portrayal.” " ‘New York Nights’ is the finest picture of Norma Talmadge’s career.” “The motion picture owes much to Norma Tab madge.” “The name of Norma Talmadge will always be identified with the finer things in motion pictures." Lover’s Contests As Jill Deverne, in “New York Nights,” Norma Tab madge has two men figuring in her love life. One man is poor, weak and wayward but truly in love with her, the other is a schemer and a cheat who with his immense wealth offers her everything but respectability. She loves the poor man. On the strength of this situation conduct a contest to determine what requisites your local feminine newspaper readers look for in the man they love. Offer prizes for the best 100 word contributions of ten attributes each of which describe the ideal mate. Your Posters Use a generous quantity of the paper that has been gotten up on “New York Nights.” It expresses the spirit of the picture and has been done up in a style that is certain to attract attention wherever displayed. The figures in the larger sheets are ideal for cut'out displays to be used atop of your marquee and in lobby exhibits. They also make ideal shadow box illustrations set against or within a New York night life or skyline picturization. Lobby Displays Decorate the under part of your canopy and the in¬ side of your lobby with bright lights and decorations of varying gay colors. Use plenty of bunting, pennants, streamers and balloons. Suggest the New York atmo¬ sphere in all your exhibits. Amateur Nights With the active cooperation of local merchants offer prizes to the local celebrities who sing and play the piano or other musical instruments the best. Use “A Year from Today” as the test selection. Arrange for radio broad¬ casts by the winners. JNbrma JOSEPH M. SCHENCK NEW YORK NIGHTS WITH ' • . GILBERT ROLAND LEWIS MILESTONE P PRODUCTION PRODUCED UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF JOHN W. CONSIDINE JR. Norma Talmadge in her first talking picture as a charming chorus girl romancing for real love in a world of make-believe. Asparkle with the bright lights of Broadway and the glamor of show-world. Gripping! Colorful! Unusual! 11 —Three Col. Ad (M at 20 c; Cut 75c)