New York Nights (United Artists) (1929)

Record Details:

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Irving Berlin Theme Song Tie-Up A1 Jolson, famous singing star, Ballard MacDonald and Dave Dreyer, composer of many big song hits, wrote the theme song for Norma Tab madge’s “New York Nights.” The number published by Irving Berlin has a sure-fire melody that has already made it the featured number in radio broadcasts and in programs given by restaurants, theatres, dance halls, night clubs and entertainers. Take advantage of the great popularity of this number by effecting tie-ups with each of the broadcasters mentioned. Have your local dealer prepare special window displays and special ad copy for the news¬ papers. The leading phonograph record and music roll manufacturers have recorded the number. Tie-up with these recordings and offer them as prizes in contests that you conduct. Let the song serve as a basis for contests. Have a radio broadcast offering prizes to those who sing the number the best. With the co¬ operation of your local paper hold a competition for the lyricist who writes the best parody to the music of the piece. (Reproduction of Song Coyer at the Right) IRVING BERLIN BRANCH OFFICES HOME OFFICE, NEW YORK CITY, N. Y..Irving Berlin Co., 1607 Broadway BOSTON, MASS.Carl Moore, c/o Irving Berlin, Inc., 177 Tremont St. CHICAGO, ILL.A1 Beilin, c/o Irving Berlin, Inc., 54 W. Randolph St. COVINGTON, KY. Kern Aylward, 427 Madison Ave. DETROIT, MICH. Fred Kramer, c/o Irving Berlin, Inc., 1509 Broadway LOS ANGELES, CAL.Jack Stern, c/o Irving Berlin, Inc., 845 So. Broadway MINNEAPOLIS, MINN.Don McKinnon, West Hotel PHILADELPHIA, PA.Harry Pearson, c/o Irving Berlin, Inc., 1228 Market St. SAN FRANCISCO, CAL.Abe Bloom, c/o Irving Berlin, Inc., 935 Market St. ST. LOUIS, MO.Earl Roeser, Mayfair Hotel Window Tie-Ups displays given over to certain merchandise. Stills are 8x10 and cost 10c each. By using the still numbers below effect tie- ups with the dealers mentioned:— 14 —Two Col. Ad (M at 10c; Cut 50c) Aside from their use for straight publicity and display purposes, your production stills can be U6ed to effect tie-ups with the leading dealers in town. Many of the still subjects are particularly suitable for inclusion in window BEAUTY PARLORS—Talmadge Star Heads .103, 123 BEDS 6? BEDDING.100, 115, 119 BOOK STORES .3 CIGARS 6? CIGARETTES .124 COSTUMERS .101, 99, 102 DRUGGISTS.18 FURNITURE .51 GLASSWARE.145 INTERIOR DECORATORS.3, 51, 71 JEWELERS.54, 103 LINGERIE .4, 7 MEN’S CLOTHES . 86, 92, 143 MEN’S HATS .86, 107 MUSIC STORES .4, 48, 71 PERFUMES.51 PIANOS.4, 66 RAILROAD CO.86, 129 RESTAURANTS .121 STATIONERY .126 WOMEN’S WEAR.62, 112, 118 WOMEN’S HATS .86, 92 WOMEN’S HOSE.7, 66 WOMEN’S SHOES .66 CANDY, FLOWERS, GIFTS ETC. (Love Shots) .89, 121, Spl-1 Page Three