New York Nights (United Artists) (1929)

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CrASh »rth> AaPuUf Hi?hPowmd Exploit 1? —One Col. Ad (Mat 05c; Cut 30c) . 17—One Col. Slug (Mat 05c; Cut 30c) 23b —Two Col. Scene Sketch (Mat 10c; Cut 50c) Catchlines Show world, the background for one of the screen’s greatest romances. Norma Talmadge in her first talking picture as a charming chorus girl romancing for real love in a world of make-believe. A love drama of the stage and the night clubs, of songs and song writers. A great actress greater than ever in her first talking role. The drama of a show girl who wanted to be queen regent in the heart of her erring husband. Even though he was a failure she loved him, but when he gave his love to another, this little show girl wife went on a love quest herself. A compelling romance of the stage and the Great White Way. The Norma the world loves, in a love story thrilling to all lovers . A battle for love fought in the glamorous setting of Broadway today. A dream love that was a nightmare until a little show girl woke up and made her dream come true. For her man a show girl matches wits with a love-mad racketeer and triumphs. Big sets . . . movement . . . the flare of passions lulled to sleep by sweet music . . . gripping romance . . . the comedy and drama of Broadway and the sinister whisper of the underworld ... all this is part of “New York Nights,” the sensational, crash' ing epic of New York's gay white way, starring Norma Talmadge at the. Theatre. The sounds of revelry at night . . . the hushed, gabby noises of a “speakeasy" ... the tinkling of glasses meeting in the ecstasy of law defiance . . . ribald laughter . . . the mournful, yet lively tunes of a blues orchestra piercing the din of raucous voices . . . comedy, drama, and the loves of the show people. Broadway, the magic lane of romance and song . . . the street of a million failures and successes ... a million laughs and tears ... the glittering pathway to glory as the setting for a romance of Broadway. The story of a chorus girl with a heart and an erring husband. See Norma Talmadge as the show girl Broadway couldn’t best. An epic motion picture of a little militant who warred for love against hopeless odds and won. * ( 18 —Two Col. Ad Slug (Mat 10c; Cut 50c) ] 23c —Two Col. Scene Sketch (Mat 10c; Cut 50c) Get Them Talking About Your Show With the Aid of These Drawings The six scene cuts at the bottom of this spread can serve you in many ways. Use them as illustrations for the 10,000 word newspaper serial¬ ization referred to on this opposite page. Accompanied by a short caption plant one cut each day in your local newspaper. Let each caption tell a part of the story so that when the six cuts have been run your readers will have a general notion of the highlights in the picture. Running one cut each day conduct titling or essay contests. Order: —23-a, b, c, d, e, f —Two Col. Scene drawings (All on one Four Col. Mat. 30c; Cuts each 50c) m Page Four