New York Nights (United Artists) (1929)

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Favor onto* Program Copy 2-b —Thumbnail Talmadge s\etch (On mat with One Col. Star Scene head 05c; Cuts each 30 c) Do you enjoy stories that go way down in the heart of City life, mirroring its gay, effervescent parties, its colorful theatre folk, its racy tempo, its laughter and heartache? Yes? Then you'll have the time of your life when Norma Talmadge takes you on an in- timate excursion into the hidden recesses of Broadway's bright light district in “New York Nights,” her first all-talking picture which comes to the. theatre on. Cast in one of the finest roles of her career, the star of “The Woman Disputed,” ^Camille” and “The Dove” gives a stirring performance as Jill, the little chorus-girl wife, jvho battled sirens for a well-meaning but spineless husband. Action, thrills, surprises, novelty, comedy, and drama make this tale of Broadway stage life, rich entertainment. Stage-door Johnnies, peppy little “Chorines," song “pluggers," “angels”—the kind Santa CO>ses of impoverished theatre managers, racketeers, play boys of the big town, you’ll meet them all in this talking screen translation of the Broadway stage success by Channing Pollock. As played by Norma Talmadge and her cast of stage and screen celebrities, “New York Nights” leaves nothing to be desired. Thrill to it! Laugh with it! Throb with it! It's a picture you must see! Radio Song Tie-Ups - ^Donald Novis, winner of the Atwater Kent National singing contest, sings “A Year from'Today,” the Irving Berlin theme song of “New York Nights.” Have dealers include in window displays of the song placards stating that Novis can be heard singing the song at your theatre. Set up a loud speaker in your lobby connected to the sound recording apparatus in the projection booth. Through this arrangement broadcast the song. Stage a singer’s contest offering prizes for those giving the best rendition of the song from your stage and over the radio. Have an elimination before the contestsants sing in public so that the song will be heard only at its best. Lewis Production Produced under the supervision of J0HNW.C0NS1DINE.JR. 12—Three Col. Ad (Mat 20c; Cut 7 5c) HER FIRST ITT TALKING PICTURE Gilbert Roland 23d —Two Col. Scene Sketch (Mat 10c; Cut 50c) FREE -- 10,000 Word Serial for Your Newspapers A special 8-chapter serialization of 10,000 words has been prepared for your newspapers. Mimeographed copies of this seat- seller may be had free of charge from your United Artists Ex¬ change. All the thrills, action, drama and surprises of this fast-moving tale of show business and Broadway is told with a spirit and power that does full justice to the story. The drawings shown at the bottom of this spread are ideal illustrations for the different chapters. However, appropriate stills have been listed at the head of each chapter if you prefer to make up your own cuts. 23e —Two Col. Scene Sketch (Mat 10c; Cut 50c) 23 /—Two Col. Scene Sketch (Mat 10 c; Cut 50c) Page Five