New York Nights (United Artists) (1929)

Record Details:

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Acting Contest TALMADGE REGISTERS AS LITTLE CHORINE in UNITED ARTISTS PICTUR eJ^^ 22 —One Col. Star Feature (Mat 0 5c; Cut 30c) i With the cooperation of your newspaper edi- tor conduct an acting contest. Run the above cut in the magazine or motion picture column ^stating that those best portraying the emotions depicted by Miss Talmadge will receive free tickets to see the picture or can have their pic- ture without charge. Contestants are to sub' mit either photographs or drawings showing themselves registering each of the five emotions in question. Get your local photographer in- terested in the stunt. Have an offer of special rates to those posing for contest photos. Star Silhouette Get your editor to cooperate with you in running a silhouette resemblance contest. Of' fer prizes for the girl whose silhouette most closely resembles the one of Norma Talmadge pictured above. Contestants can either have their profiles photographed in front of a strong' ly lighted window or they can place themselves before a brilliantly lighted wall and have some' one outline their silhouette on paper. The Norma Talmadge silhouette can also be run without a caption and free tickets can be offered to the first ten people identifying the star. NORMA- mOMADGe 21 —One Col. Talmadge Silhouette (Mat 05c; Cut 30c) Piano Marathon Attract attention to your showing with a piano marathon. Conduct the marathon either on your stage or in a show window. Offer prizes for the man or woman who can play the greatest number of popular songs without duplication. Stipulate that each number can be played but one minute, or a half a minute. Several such contests have already been staged with the wire services running daily bulletins on their progress. Popularity Contests Hold a contest to determine the most popular jazz band in town. Get your leading dance, orchestra, and restaurant bands to broadcast over the radio. Arrange to have the winners play a prologue at a midnight showing of “New York Nights.” Advertise the contest from your screen and get your newspapers to play it up. See that the con¬ test is advertised wherever the competing bands or¬ dinarily play. A “New York Nights” Float Build a four sided skyline display play popular records about Broadway onto a truck similar to the one pic- and New York. Be sure to include tured below: Letter stimulating copy among your selections “A Year From on each side telling about your show- Today,” the Irving Berlin theme song ing. Inside the float have a man of “New York Nights.”