New York Nights (United Artists) (1929)

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NCEMA FAIMAM r Talks on the Screen for the First Time in Her Most Cotprful Picture NEW yCRE NIGHTS A Romance of the Stage and the Night Clubs A Joseph M. Schenck presentation Played hy an All Star Cast including Gilbert Roland A LEWIS MILESTONE Production Freighted with Exploitation Possibilities That Make It Box-Office In Every Way UNITED ARTISTS PICTURE HERALDS COST PER THOUSAND $ 3.50 Order Them From Your Nearest UNITED ARTISTS EXCHANGE (Shown Below) HERALDS Are Box-Office Stand-bys CASH IN ON THEM! 1. This Herald is the standard attracĀ¬ tive two-color 6x8 inch accessory shown on the right. The back page has been left blank for theatre imprint and the imprint of local advertisers who will share the cost with you. Cover all the leading sections of your town with them. They create word of mouth advertising no end.