Nothing Sacred (United Artists) (1937)

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SET JINGLE CONTEST Get them going on these “Nothing Sacred” jingles! Here s an idea that ought to guarantee you five days of free publicity with any enterprising newspaper. Promote it with your local sheet on the basis of free ducats to winners. Each jingle deals with a character or situation in your new Selznick hit, and col¬ lectively they promise lots of swell show-selling exploitation for very little effort. Here they are, FIRST DAY: A girl from Vermont, Hazel Flagg, On New York pulled a marvelous gagg. ’Mid chuckles and snickers She fooled the town slickers THIRD DAY: Wally Cook was a newspaperman Who fell victim to Cupid (young Dan). But the girl of his heart Tore his bright dreams apart all ready for you to plant. SECOND DAY: Old Doctor Downer of Warsaw, Who practised with crowbar and FIFTH DAY: The story of Hazel and Wally Is fresh and amusing, by golly! The girl has got something And the boy is no dumb thing — CONTEST LURES FOTO FANS Hitching amateur photography enthusiasm to the selling of your new Selznick hit should be easy through the medium of a “Nothing Sacred” pic¬ ture contest. The idea is for the amateurs to submit photo¬ graphs giving the best pictorial interpretation of the title “Nothing Sacred.” Suggest it to your local editor as a sure circulation-builder. The idea is in the comedy spirit of the film, and the possibility of straight shots and gagged up photos that ex¬ press the title is limitless. WHIRLING CHAIR SELLS NOVEL CDMERY ANGLE Here’s a lobby stunt that will help to sell the fun and frolic of your new Selznick hit. Install a whirling chair of the piano stool type in a prominent spot in the lobby and have a mem¬ ber of the house staff in attendance. Leading away from the chair have a red line painted on the floor for a distance that can be determined by experi¬ ment. In order to get your patrons interested in the stunt, have a sign lettered up announcing, “ Fredric March says that all dames are dizzy! Is nothing sacred? Prove that he’s wrong and try the whirl¬ ing chair. Free tickets to any lady who will prove Fredric March wrong by walking the line after she’s been in the whirling chair.” If patrons are shy about offering themselves as volunteers, prime the stunt by having usherettes or other feminine members of the staff go through the stunt. Everybody’s bound to participate in the stunt and it will get you much valuable word-of- mouth advertising. ♦ «r 3’SBACE 6ETWWN SECOND ANOTHIRP PLANES.... SAME SPACE SETW6EK FIRiT S SECOND HAW mowrn tNomecr ILLUMINATION CHANGEABLE ILIUM! NATED OATEftS BRILLIANTLY PAINTED THIRD DimEnSIOnRL DISPLAY nRTIOnflL SCREEH ACCESSORIES, Inc- INTRODUCING: A DELUXE DISPLAY FOR EVERY LOBBY! Something different, something appealing in dis¬ plays is offered by National Screen Accessories in their new three-dimensional display. It combines depth and color with the swank of indirect lighting in a deluxe lobby display that should be in every showmen’s front or lobby. And despite its deluxe style, it is within the reach of every theatre, financially, because it is available to you on a moderate rental plan. For full informa¬ tion about this and other indispensable aids to sell¬ ing your United Artists hits, write: > Page Four NATIONAL SCREEN ACCESSORIES, Inc. 525 West 43rd Street New York, N. Y.