Nothing Sacred (United Artists) (1937)

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‘Helen of Troy’ ‘Pocahontas' ‘Lady Godiva’ ‘Catherine of Russia’ HERE’S M ATTENTION — GRABBING EONTEST HISTORIC LADIES-and HOW! Dazzling is the word for these four cuts of lovely lassies on horseback who appear in the big night club scene in “Nothing Sacred.” Each of the girls is impersonating a famous woman of history; all the costumes are made entirely of cellophane. The set of four pictures make a swell identification contest plant. Offer prizes to those who correctly guess whom the gals are impersonating. Equally attractive to art-wise newspaper editors is the idea of a picture layout or movie strip of the four girls. Note the captions identifying the impersonations, for contest judging purposes. Available as four two-column mats com¬ plete on 4-Col. Mat No. 21D—60c; Cut—#1.00. SO YOU WON'T TALK? WIN A PRIZE—SEE HOW BRIEFLY YOU CAN ANSWER THESE TEN QUESTIONS GET THEM PLAYING “SO YOU WON’T TALK” Start the citizens playing the new game called “So You Won’t Talk.” It’s based on the amusing sequence in which Fredric March arrives in the little Vermont town of Warsaw looking for information, and gets nothing but “Yep” and “Nope” from the natives in answer to all his questions. Run the list of ten questions (see below) in your local newspaper or print and distribute them on a broadside. Offer prizes or ducats to those who answer the ques¬ tions in the fewest words. Advise them in your copy to see “Nothing Sacred” be¬ fore attempting to answer the questions, so they’ll know what it’s all about. Use the matted art with your publicity or for your broadside. It’s an easy game to play, easy to plant, and fun for everybody, with a dizzy, carefree slant that’s in keeping with the gay, gaga tone .of the picture. Order cut illustration at left on 2-Col. Mat No. 32B—30c; Cut—50c. 1. When were you born, and why? 2. How do you explain this weather? 3. What would you do with a million dol¬ lars? How did you like Carole Lombard in “Nothing Sacred”? Why isn’t there more sun on cloudy days? What do Carole Lombard and Fredric 4. 10 . 6 . March have their fist fight about in “Nothing Sacred”? How much longer do you expect to live? Is that all? What’s the best way to open a can of beer without a can opener? Is a left-handed soup spoon as good as a right-handed one? What did you like best about “Nothing Sacred”?’ Tfe Inquiring Fotographer Every day he asks six people a question Carole Lombard is im¬ prisoned in the icy heart of New York. How long will it take her to melt the heart of the big town? See “NOTHING SACRED” —Rivoli Theatre.