Nothing Sacred (United Artists) (1937)

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JJERE are artists’ drawings with plenty of socko appeal in execution as well as in subject matter. Well known illustrators with established followings have taken the most amusing, exciting and roman¬ tic phases of this Selznick hit photoplay and turned out drawings that sell its topnotch entertainment value. These expert art sketches will be a genuine asset ^ to any newspaper page in the country. It’s the job of you showmen to see that they are advantageously planted! * Larry Sobel contributes one of his popular cartoon fea¬ tures comparing the big fist fight in "Nothing Sacred" with famous ring battles. A swell art feature and a strong plug for your pic¬ ture. Order 2-col. Mat No. 27B—30c (Cut—50c);. 3- col. Mat No. 22C—45c (Cut—75c). fn FLOOR. HIM WITH A PUNCH ! HEN CHAMPION _Uhen Brown LOUIS' RIGHT EXPLODED UNDER BAER’S CHIN AND PUT THE INVINCIBLE MAXIE TO SLEEP? jess Willard withered UNDER THE TIGER FURY OF UNKNOWN JACK DEMPSEY, CROWNING A NEW CHAMPION? Uhen Jack Dempsey, ROCKETED THRU THE ROPES BY FlRPO, RETURNED TO CONQUER THE WILD Bull of the Pampas? DO YOU REMEMBER ? F YOU DO-- THEN YOU’LL CHEER THE MOVIE BATTLE OF THE CENTURY AS FREDRIC MARCH ^ kayoes Carole Lombard . and she returns to jfl CAROLE LOMBARD AND FREDRIC MARCH NOTHING SACRED A March-Lombard composite done in artist Afton McWilliams' grace¬ ful style. Order 2-col. Mat No. 3IB—30c (Cut—50c); 3-col. Mat No. 26C—45c (Cut—75c). Page Seven