Prehistoric Women (United Artists) (1950)

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AMAZONS HUNT DOWN MATES IN PREHISTORIC WOMEN' t BNECOLOR jBgggg Lobby and Front Scheme for ‘Prehistoric Women’ To Sock Across Picture’s Spectacle, Sex Appeal The place to sell tickets for “Prehistoric Women” is right in front of your theatre with the sockiest, gaudiest front you can think up. “Prehistoric Women” is loaded with eye-catching angles including scantily-dressed girls, menacing giants, battles between cavemen and women, fighting among animals—and every scene is in Cinecolor! The front illustrated herewith uses all these angles and features blow-ups from stills as highlight features. The blow-up over the marquee is from Still PW-x-206. The one under the marquee panel highlights Stills PW-x- 65 and PW-94. Two return boards each highlight a mon¬ tage of action scenes which can be selected from the ex¬ change set. The door panels are decorated with the “pin-up set 99 of stills, numbers of which are detailed elsewhere on this page. In the lobby are two attention-arousing displays. One is a bamboo cage which might also be built of compo- board. Inside the cage can be either a girl dressed like the women in the picture of a dummy similiarly garbed. If the cage can be mounted on wheels it can be trundled around town or carried on the back of a truck as a travel¬ ing bally. The other lobby attraction is a man or a girl beating a tom-tom or a hollow board or wooden drum. To these decorations can be added a border of green fringe around the under marquee and return boards, arti¬ ficial leaves scattered around and a background of sack¬ ing on the return board. The street bally illustrated is made by putting a man on stilts and dressing him to resemble the giant in the picture: A chain from each wrist links him to two suitably garbed young women. PIN-UP STILL SET 1 CAN BE STOPPER A special "pin-up set" has been selected from the regular still set on "Prehistoric Women." It in¬ cludes one exciting shot of each of the six lovelies featured in the - picture. This set can be used to decorate the front of your theatre; as give¬ away cards; special poster cards and, blown up, as tack cardan your regular posting spots around town. To get this set, write Exploita¬ tion Manager, Eagle Lion Classics, 165 W. 46th St., N. Y. 19, N.Y. • Page Two