Prehistoric Women (United Artists) (1950)

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BIG CHANCE FOR KIDS IS COLORING CONTEST A coloring contest on ' Prehistoric Women" is an excellent way to extend the appeal of the picture to the younger set and to put across the idea that the film is in Cinecolor. This coloring contest is suitable for use in newspapers, special heralds, school papers, etc. All contestants have to do is color the drawing in crayon or any other non-smearing medium. Winners can be awarded two guest tickets for "Pre¬ historic Women" or other locally promoted merchandise prizes. You may wish to set this contest up with a local grammar or high school art teacher. In this event it can be treated as a regular class project with winning drawings awarded prizes. The top award pictures could be displayed in your lobby and the artists invited to attend opening night of "Prehistoric Women." Some of the most exciting scenes ever brought to the screen will thrill you when you see “Pre¬ historic Women,” in color by Cine- color which opens at the . Theatre. You won’t want to miss this story of a tribe of beautiful wo¬ men battling giants and prehis¬ toric monsters in the danger-filled jungles of the Stone Age—and here’s the easy way to do it as (Running Story) guests of the management of the . Theatre. Pictured above are some of the exciting highlights from “Pre¬ historic Women.” All you have to do is color in the drawings using crayons, water-colors or any other non-smearing medium. Rush your drawings to the . Theatre before next . (day). The best ten drawings selected by our judges will each win a pair of guest tick¬ ets for “Prehistoric Women,” which opens at the . on . next. Don’t forget “Prehistoric Wo¬ men” is the picture with battles of fire, conflicts with giant py¬ thons and flying dragons and the women-eating giant — and every scene is in color by Cinecolor. AND don’t forget to get your en¬ try in now. RADIO SPOTS 15 Seconds: Stone Age amazons hunt down their mates in "Prehistoric Women," the .Theatre. "Prehistoric Women" is filled with giants, prehistoric monsters and every blaz¬ ing scene in color by Cinecolor. 20 Seconds: "Prehistoric Women," an exciting action- packed story of love in the Stone Age! See the amazons hunt down their mates and fight off giants and monsters in "Prehistoric Women"—all in color by Cinecolor and the .Theatre. Trailer News The excitement-era mm eel trailer prepared for “Prehis¬ toric Women” is, of course, in Cinecolor, and does a great “tease” job on the thrills in the picture. These carefully selected highlights are a tremendous pre-selling asset. Order the trailer well in advance of play- date and run it often. Get the trailer from your nearest National Screen Service ex¬ change. i Prehistoric’ Casts Amazons ‘Prehistoric’ Drama Highlights Accidental Discovery of Fire In the rush of great discover¬ ies like penicillin, atomic energy and television, we tend to forget that all this would have been im¬ possible without the bravery of our remote ancestors who first tamed fire, “the red devil.” Without the discovery of how to use fire the human race might have perished at the hands of primitive monsters thousands and thousands of years ago. The way in which the first man might have learned to tame fire is shown in “Prehistoric Women,” a Cincolor drama of love in the Stone Age, which opens at the . Theatre. Used for Defence In the picture Allan Nixon uses a branch from a flaming tree to defend himself from a giant py¬ thon and is then struck by the immensity of his discovery. He is on his way to the lair of tribe of females who have kid¬ napped the members of his hunt¬ ing party to serve as slaves and mates to keep the tribe from, dy¬ ing out. With the discovery of fire, Nix¬ on is able to rescue his friends and to defend the tribe from the attacks of a maddened giant and from a large flying dragon. He then shows the girls that it is not easy to hold men in slav¬ ery (some of modern women’s wiles had yet to be discovered). Laurette Luez is featured as the head amazon along with Mara Lynn and Jo Carroll Dennison (a former Miss America). “Prehistoric Women” was pro¬ duced by Albert J. Cohen and di¬ rected by Gregg Tallas for Eagle Lion Classics release. Ouch! 'Prehistoric’ Film Has Exotic Rites Without movies, radios and television sets our ancestors found pleasure and relaxation in their dances. Some of the most exciting dances ever brought to the screen are presented in “Prehistoric Women,” a Cinecolor drama which opens . at the Theatre. Tribe of Amazons These “prehistoric women” are a tribe of amazons who live in a Stone Age jungle until they go forth to capture males so that their tribe will not perish. Between forays, the amazons spend their nights whirling mad¬ ly under the spell of the moon and their own emotions. Six Pretty Dancers Danced by Laurette Luez, Mara Lynn, Joan Slawlee, Kerry Vaughn, Jo Carroll Dennison (a former Miss America) and Judy Landon, the numbers were staged and created by the noted choreo¬ grapher, Bella Lewitsky. The dances are “The Dance of the Full Moon,” “The War Club Dance” and “The Ceremonial Dance.” Allan Nixon is also featured in “Prehistoric Women,” which was produced by Albert J. Cohen and directed by Gregg Tallas for Eagle Lion Classics. ‘Latest’ Invention Of Stone Agers What to primitive man was the latest” invention plays an im¬ portant part in “Prehistoric Women,” an Eagle Lion Classics Cinecolor drama about a Stone Age tribe of amazons, which opens at the Theatre. The latest “invention” was the use of—fire. Flaming torches are used by Allan Nixon, featured along with Laurette Luez and Mara Lynn in “Prehistoric Women,” Mat 1A Still PW-58 Jo Carroll Dennison, a former Miss America, shaves Tony Dev¬ lin with a sharp rock in this scene from “Prehistoric Women,” open¬ ing .at the.Theatre. ‘Prehistoric Women’ Challenge to Talents Of Clothes Designer By Kitty Mager (who designed the costumes for “Prehistoric Women”) You wouldn’t think it would be very tough to costume six beauti¬ ful girls in costumes of the Stone Age era. After all no one is around to prove that you didn’t follow the fashions of the period correctly. But like a Chinese ring puzzle the more you work on it the tougher it gets. First of all, no fabrics could be used for the cos¬ tumes. The Stone Agers draped themselves in animal skins. Secondly, the six girls who are the heroines of “Prehistoric Wo¬ men” had to be garbed so as to retain as much sex appeal as pos¬ sible though the animal skins could not be sewn. Color Presents Problems Thirdly, since the picture was filmed in Cinecolor, the animal skins had to vary in color so that the camera could achieve the de¬ sired contrast between the girls. These varied problems were finally met to the satisfaction of Producer Albert J. Cohen and Di¬ rector Gregg Tallas. The animal skins were tied to¬ gether with strips of skin and the desired form-fitting effect was achieved by stretching the skins as tightly as possible over the girls’ bodies. Laurette Luez, the leading lady, was garbed in a black panther skin which both went well with her dark color and was in keep¬ ing with the fact that black pan¬ thers were the pets of the tribe. Mara Lynn, the second lead, wears a leopard skin matched to her role of a most spirited young lady. Various other animal skins were used to garb Allan Nixon, the male lead and Johann Pettursson, I an eight-foot two giant who plays the menace in “Prehistoric Wo¬ men,” an Eagle Lion Classics re¬ lease. Wild Girls Prowl Jungles To Find Mates in Picture Come along to a Stone Age jungle, Hollywood style, in Prehistoric Women,” opening . at the . Theatre. Populating this Cinecolored slice of the distant past are six beautiful young girls who are the sole survivors, ♦along with an old woman, of a Rivals Eight years ago two New York models tried out for a role in a stage play called “Franklin Street.” Joan Shawlee, currently featured in “Prehistoric Women,” an Eagle Lion Classics Cinecolor drama of love in the Stone Age which the. Theatre, is the girl who didn't get the part. She now says, “I’m glad the show was a flop. Because I liked the other gal and it would be awfully hard to have stayed mad at her.” P.S. The “other gal” was (and is) named Lauren Bacall. once-large tribe. The tribe has been reduced to this handful of survivors by the ever-present menaces of attacks by wild animals and the deadly depredations of “Guaddi,” a giant sworn to exterminate all humanity. “Find Our Mates” In an effort to keep the tribe from dying out, the old lady sends the girls out to capture males. None of the girls has ever seen a man and they are determined to hold their captives as slaves. Their foray is successful in capturing a group of Cave Dwel¬ lers who are on a hunting trip. The leader of the hunting group escapes and tracks the girls back to their lair. While doing the trailing he ac¬ cidentally makes one of the great discoveries of all times, how to use fire to destroy wild beasts. Stage Set for Climax The stage is now set for the climax of “Prehistoric Women,” which involves a giant dragon, a life-and-death struggle with “Guaddi” and another struggle between the men and women for mastery of the tribe, winding up with a “Dance of the Full Moon” and primitive marriage rites. Participating in all these events are a large cast including Laur¬ ette Luez, Allan Nixon and Mara Lynn. “Prehistoric Women,” an Eagle Lion release in Cinecolor, was produced by Albert J. Cohen in association with Sam X. Abar- banel. Gregg Tallas directed and wrote the screenplay with Abar- banel. ‘Prehistoric Women’ Casts ‘Tallest Man in the World’ When someone asked Johann Petursson what he does for a living, he responded sadly, “I am big.” The word “big” comes close to qualifying as the under¬ statement of the century. Mr. Petursson is the “most col- lossal” man in the world, towering eight feet and two inches above the gi’ound. The im-4---:--—; ~ pressive dimensions of this mod- and Laurette Luez, they fired yol- ern Atlas include a 52-inch chest, le y s of <l ueries at , the patient a 48-inch waist, 56-inch hips. g iant - Petursson told them that Scales groan under his 430 he was born in Ice ] and and that pounds be was norma l* slzed until the age Like all the world’s “most col- twelve, lossal” phenomena, Mr. Petursson I Started to Grow inevitably attracted the attention Then he started growing like of Hollywood. His first American Iowa corn in July and was eight- film role finds him portraying feet-two by the time he was twen- “Guaddi,” the giant who menaces ty-two years old. Then he went to the six voluptuous beauties cast Denmark and spent years in cir- in the title roles of “Prehistoric cuses billed, naturally, as “The Women,” a Cinecolor drama of Tallest Man in the World.” love in the Stone Age, which 1 Petursson might be “the tallest opens at the man in the world” but Hollywood Theatre via Eagle Lion Classics was ready for him. The Holly- release. wood Roosevelt hotel has a special out-size room with out-size bed An Amiable Giant | j ust waiting for the visits of the Petursson is as amiable off- world’s Peturssons. screen as he is menacing on cel- | Most apt comment on Peturs- luloid. He loves children and son’s size was made by an ex- spent hours on the “Prehistoric | Miss America, Jo Carroll Denni- Women” set answering questions son who has a role in “Prehistoric like, “Could you really lift up my , Women,” to Producer Albert J. school and carry it away?” and j Cohen and Director Gregg Tallas. “Are you the brother of the giant “With that guy chasing you in ‘Jack the Giant Killer’?” I through even a Hollywood jungle Almost as curious as the chil- j it doesn’t take acting to look dren was the cast of “Prehistoric frightened. Supposed he tripped Women.” Headed by Allan Nixon 1 and fell on top of you?” Page Three