Raffles (United Artists) (1930)

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G€M AMARKIG WITH A BIG OUTHHIN€ ALL FAIT BeCOPDI POSTERS- PUT THEMl TO work! The spirit and fascination of "Raffles" are reflected in the posters prepared for your use on this picture. Double up on the quantity of paper you generally order. The sales appeal of these displays fully justifies the increased ex¬ pense. The subjects in your "Raffles" posters can also be used for shadow box and cut-out exhibits. For instance, an attractive shadow box can be made up from the six-sheet. Cut out the lovers and place them in the foreground of the display. Place the third figure in the background. Throw amber and pink lights on the foreground and blue lights on the background. At the base of the display in yellow against a dark surface letter copy selling the mystery and romance of "Raffles." A Real Marquee Stunt . . . Mount cut-outs of the large reproduction of Ronald Colman in the twenty-four atop of your marquee against a dark compo-board background. In a circular formation letter the title of the picture Above the illustration. Focus a strong spot on the display so as to Achieve the effect indicated. Sp ace Stealing Ads Every ad in this campaign book was planned along original lines to provide you with displays entirely different from anything your competition may carry in the newspapers. Not only do they sell the production through their illus¬ trations and text, but they are so ^Jaid out as to compel scrutiny by readers. Besides being distinctive, each ad has definite pictorial charm. If you prefer to make up your own layouts you will find these designs particularly well adapted for such changes. Original ad sug¬ gestions will be found on page five. |g—One Col. Ad Slug (Mat 05c; Cut 30c) RONALD COLMAN RAFFLES UNITED ARTISTS PICTURE tJ 19—Two Col. Ad Slug (Mat 10c; Cut 50c) THE NEMESIS OF SCOTLAND YARD! Ronald Colman in his greatest role as a modern Captain Kidd of Crime and a quixotic Don Juan of hearts. As thrilling as "Con¬ demned!"; as auda¬ cious as "Bulldog Drum mond." Jamuel Goldwyn presents RONALD GOLMAN The daring adventurous exploits of an Amateur Cracksman, suave, and de¬ bonair, who pitted his wits against the greatest detective minds; who held in his hand the secret password to hidden treasures and feminine hearts! UNITED ARTISTS PICTURE A Smash-Bang Newspaper Serial in 10,000 Words.FREE A 10,000 word serialization of "Raffles" has been prepared, which is ideal feature material for every newspaper in the country. Its exploita¬ tion value is tremendous. This is the first tabloid presenta¬ tion of one of the world's most fa¬ mous mystery stories, — based on the adventures of a character that for twenty-five years has been world famous. Newspapers will be delighted to get the opportunity of publishing this famous thriller, more exciting than ever in its 1930 version from the photoplay as pre¬ pared by Sidney Howard, famous Pulitzer Prize writer. Its virile style, thrill-packed incidents and glamor¬ ous people will create a definite urge in the minds of readers to see the motion picture version. Copies may be had without cost from the Samuel Goldwyn office, 729 Sev¬ enth Avenue, N. Y. C., and your nearest United Artists exchange. PAGE THREE