Raffles (United Artists) (1930)

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7 he Most Fascinating I Fiction in the Peak Adren — Raffles Vibrates wi PHOTOPLAY EDITION One of the foremost publishing houses in the book business has prepared an at¬ tractive popular edition of E. W. Hornung's famous story, which is to be sold nationally by book stores, druggists, railroad stations, etc. A particularly effective sales cam¬ paign has been gotten up to put over this novelization with special banners and ad¬ vertising matter. Mr. Goldwyn has written an interesting foreword to the book telling of the glamor of "Raffles" and his motion picture counterpart, which will make an ideal lobby or win¬ dow display sign in advance of the picture. For display purposes, the handsomely col¬ ored jacket reproduced below is of exceptional value. Arrange to have local book shops and other stores selling the book give over windows to attractive exhibits . made up of numerous copies. Communicate with the publishers, Grosset & Dunlap; they are eager to cooperate. x ^ GROSSET & DUNLAP 1140 Broadway N. Y. C. Illustrated with scenes from thephotopl A SAMUEL GOLDWYN PRODUCTION Si urn tm RONALD COIMAN RONALD COLMAN, star of "RAFFLES' Program Copy.. 2b—Thumbnail star sketch [On Mat with One Col. Star Scene Head 05c; Cuts each 30c) Ronald Colman is "Raffles," a daring gen¬ tleman genius of crime, in his latest screen adventure to be seen at the. theatre on. Here is a Ronald Colman to thrill you, amaze you, delight you. Smart and courageous was his "Bulldog Drummond;" gay, alert, cunning, his racketeer portrayal in "Con^ demned!" — in "Raffles" he is all this and more. Dynamic, suave, fascinating, inexplicable, his "Raffles" is a constant source of wonder and merriment. Here is a modern day "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde." Beneath the suave and calm exterior of this underworld gallant throbs a reckless heart, bursting with a love of adventure and romance. Dowagers and jewels are imperilled by his presence. But when he falls in love he falls out with larceny and his dangers begin. In "Raffles," Ronald Colman will entertain you as you have never been enter¬ tained before. Exciting, enthralling, you will find it a dramatic revelation of thrills, surprises, and ecstatic romance. "Raffles" is a tonic of invigorating amusement for everyone. See it and be exhilarated! t; i The "Safe"' Angle Build a huge compo board safe around a truck and send it through town as a ballyhoo. On each of the gray sides of the display, exhibit poster cut-out heads of Ronald Colman. Tie-up the float with copy reading "It's a safe bet you're going to have the time of your life watching Ronald Colman, etc." Another way of attracting attention is to place a safe on display in your lobby and offer free admissions and prizes to anyone who can figure out the combination. Arrangements for this stunt can be made with your local safe dealer. If a safe is not available, build one of compo-board and have ymj.r local hardware dealer provide a padlock for the contraption. Distribute skeleton and master keys along with instructions that free admissions will be given all those whose keys open the safe. Supply a limited number of master keys. Or use a combination lock. The Well Dressed Man RAFFLES wasn't like other crooks. He lived well, played well, danced well, talked well, ate well, — but most important, he DRESSED WELL. He was a gentleman, of course, but more im¬ portant, he DRESSED the part. Get a department store, men's clothing house, etc., to use Ronald Colman and "Raffles" as part of a Fall Campaign for THE BETTER DRESSED MAN. If several department stores can be joined in a campaign for THE WELL DRESSED MAN, it should be easy to get expressions of opinion by local leaders of thought on the value of an ap¬ pearance. In the publicity section, of this press- book, a signed story by Ronald Colman will be found, expressing his opinion on what clothes are required by a well groomed man. Pictures of Colman in full evening dress, street clothes, sport outfit, etc., would be featured in window displays, ads, etc. In a contest conducted by the theatre, a store might offer a full dress outfit. This outfit could be along the lines of who is the best dressed man in town, the best groomed bank clerk, salesman, etc. Or it could serve as the award for an essay contest. PAGE FOUR