Raffles (United Artists) (1930)

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: igufe in ail Mystery liire of ms Career- m Audience APPeal LOBBY DESIGNS Prepare atmospheric lobby displays as back¬ grounds against which to display stills of the pro¬ duction. A number of exhibits of this type are shown at the left. Each display suggests the mystery and adven¬ ture to be found in "Raffles." Your artist can work up these layouts either with the aid of cut¬ outs made from the posters or silhouetted figures in interesting attitudes. Use greens and purples, yellows and blacks as the predominant colors for these exhibits. For instance in the top display, the background can be done in yellow, the foreground in gray, the figures in black with yellow and white highlights, the lettering in black with white relief. The second design should have yellow in the field of light, blue in the foreground with the house, and Colman's clothes and hair in black. Reproduce the letter in black and paint white and yellow high-lights on Colman's face. The bottom panel might have the interior of the safe black, the lettering white, the outside of the safe blue, Colman's figure black, his face green with white and yellow high-lights, the jewels white against a tray of bluish buff. Window Tie-Ups Every shop window in town is a prospective advertising medium for your engagement of "Raffles." The stills available for your use are ideal for tie-up purposes. The material shown in different stills make these photographs perfect illustrative material to promote the sale of various articles. Possible tie-ups of this kind follow: ANTIQUE SHOPS. 47, 113 BALL ROOMS. 87 BAROMETERS . 28 BEDS & BEDDING. 82 BOOK STORES . 107, Ml CARPETS & RUGS . 35, 39 CHINAWARE. 48, I 18 CIGARS & CIGARETTES. 27, 109 CLOCKS & WATCHES . 36 ELECTRIC STORES. 61 FLORISTS. 56, 85, 87 FURNITURE . 27,36 FURS. 28,113,114 GLASSWARE. 42,48 INTERIOR DECORATORS. 35,45 JEWELERS . 41,74 LEATHER GOODS & TRUNKS. 91 MEN'S APPAREL. 21, 29, 56, 106 MEN'S GLOVES . 105, 106 MEN'S HATS. 105, 106 MEN'S SHOES. 107 SAFES. 104, 106 SILVERWARE. 48 118 SPORTING GOODS. 64 58 y -VTIONERY . ' 35 SOMMER RESORTS . M8 WOMEN'S APPAREL. 28 87 99 WOMEN’S GLOVES. 13 '85’87 WOMEN'S HATS. ' 28 WOMEN'S HOSE. I 07 WOMEN'S SHOES. I 07 CANDY — GIFTS — FLOWERS — ETC. (TWO LOVERS).56, 115, 116, 114 ROMALD COLAWN U«lTEO AHTI4TS PICTURE SAMU€L OOLDWVN ROMALD pBid@LfnAn ‘RAffifS' MMUfi aotov^yx suggestions ORIGINALAD-LAYOUTS PAGE FIVE