Raffles (United Artists) (1930)

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PROPERLY ADVERTISED PAGE SIX THERE'S NO LIMIT TO THE DRAWING POWER OF This Smash Hit THEY'LL REMEMBER THESE CATCHLINES! Handsome, suave, fascinating, he was a peril to dowagers and diamonds—but when he fell in love he fell out with larceny and his dangers began. WHEN HE CHOSE LOVE AS A PARTNER— HE FELL OUT WITH CRIME! RONALD COLMAN in RAFFLES No safe could baffle his nimble fingers— No heart could withstand his fascination. 'Raffles," the Amateur Cracksman, daring, audacious, beguiling. He knew the combination to treasure chests —and women's hearts. Ronald Colman as the gentleman genius of crime— screendom's great adventurer in his most romantic role. More Romantic than "The Rescue" Merrier than "Bulldog Drummond" More thrilling than "Condemned!" Ronald Colman in a role the world delights to see him play. The screen's most dashing figure as mystery drama's most tantalizing adventurer. The thrill of adventure pounded through the veins of this devil-may-care cracksman who stakes life and liberty to win friendship and love. The screen's great romancer in the mystery drama that has chilled, thrilled and captivated millions. Raffles — most charming, most adept and most benevolent of burglars — duels for millions against the best brains of Scotland Yard. Most gallant of all underworld daredevils, Raffles schWies his way to riches and romance in the most amazing mys¬ tery drama of all! Midnight. . . prowling gangsters . . . flashing lights . . . cat¬ like foot-falls . . . and the war of criminal master minds begins for two great treasures — the priceless Melrose jewels and beautiful Lady Gwen. Exquisite humor! Suspenseful dilemmas! Exciting encounters! Smartest of climaxes! Raffles, suave exponent of the underworld, tantalizes tWfe law in a raid upon smart society to save a friend and protect a sweetheart. He high-hatted the law, he high-hatted the saps, he even high-hatted crime — but he was a warm and loyal and ingenious hero in the game of love. No valuables were secure if they tempted his critical taste — but the honor of a trusting girl was as safe^ his keeping as the great seal of England in its invulnerable vault. The thrilling romance of London's suave super-criminal who loved to steal and stole to love. The law fumed, the underworld raged, the public trembled ”, la and Raffles, the arch gentleman thief, laughed - love brought on a crisis in his career. until 13—Three Col. Ad (Mat 20c; Cut 75c) A musketeer of crime, ready to reform for love, plunges into a whirlpool of dangers to answer the call of a des¬ pairing friend. Gay! Vivid! Smart! NALD LMAN Raffles 16—One Col. Ad ( Mat 05c; Cut 30c) A DRAWING TO CATCH THE EYE 10—Two Col. Colman Wash Drawing (Mat 10c; Cut 50c) DARING! No task was too dan¬ gerous for this modern Robin Hood who loved to steal and stole to A thrill for all lov¬ ers, for all adven¬ turers! % UNITED % AR.TISTSf' % PICTURE ' \ !7 One Col. Ad (Mat 05c; Cut 30c)