Raffles (United Artists) (1930)

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Gt. your local newspaper editor to run this four chapter cartoon serial a week in advance of your showing. The individual panels can be used as contest features. Priies can be offered for the best captions or orig¬ inal cartoon sequels to the situation pictured. (Order—20—a, b, c, d—Four Col. Cartoon * —Mat of all Five strips $1.00; cuts of each strip $1.25.) CHAPTER ONE USE THIS CARTOON SERIAL IN YOUR NEWSPAPERS... RONALD COLMAN in "RAFFLES" Raffles, amateur cracksman extraordinary and foremost gentleman burglar of the day, resolves to reform so as to be worthy of Lady Gwen's love. The plight of his dear friend Bunny taxes Raffles' ingenuity to the utmost. He must raise a fortune immedi¬ ately, but how? He decides to undertake one more "job." He hits upon the Melrose necklace as a solution to his problem and entertains flirtatious old Mrs. Melrose while contriving ways and means to appropriate the jewels. ' CHAPTER TWO RONALD COLMAN in "RAFFLES" Presented by Samuel Goldwyn United Artists Picture | I » While a guest of the Melroses, whom he is planning to rob, Raffles is surprised to that evening McKenzie of Scotland Yard arrives and keeps a watchful eye on all the find his sweetheart, Lady Gwen, also enjoying the hospitality of the Melroses. Com- guests, Raffles in particular. Later Raffles surprises a gang leader stealing the famous plications arise when one of the young society debs flirts with Raffles. After dinner Melrose necklace. Caught trying to make a get-away, Crawshaw throws suspicion on Raffles. Inspector McKenzie of Scotland Yard releases both men but has them watched. Crawshaw trails Raffles to his home. He breaks in, and demands that Raffles give him the missing gems. At this moment McKenzie knocks at the door. Raffles conceals Crawshaw and admits McKenzie. In a stolen moment he tells Crawshaw to flee or they both will be arrested. CHAPTER FOUR RONALD COLMAN in "RAFFLES" Presented by Samuel Goldwyn United Artists Picture Raffles' sweetheart, Lady Gwen, suspects her beloved of having stolen the Melrose a paper which appears definitely incriminating. Slowly the net is being closed on jewels He admits the theft and attempts to conceal the gems in a new hiding place the amateur cracksman. A show-down is imminent. Plighting his love tor Lady Gwen, while the Scotland Yard men search the apartment. Inspector McKenzie shows Raffles Raffles hits upon a plan of escape that brings the story to a thrilling climax.