Raffles (United Artists) (1930)

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ACCESSORIES ORDER BLANK RONALD COLMAN in “RAFFLES” UNITED ARTISTS PICTURE Send to Manager ___ Name of Theatre_ Town---State- (These Prices Prevail for United States Only) Amount POSTERS (Lithographed): One Sheet, No. 1_ One Sheet, No. 2_ Three Sheet, No. 1_ Three Sheet, No. 2_ Six Sheet . Twenty-four Sheet _ WINDOW CARD (Lithographed) BLACK AND WHITE SQUEEGEE PHOTOS, 8x10: All purposes (30 in set; including newspaper, lobby, star heads) _ Special First Run Stills (20 in set) Single Copies, Squeegee Photos_ LOBBY DISPLAY CARDS: Hand colored, 22 x 28, each_ Hand colored, 11 x 14, set of eight INSERT CARD, Hand Colored, 14 x 36, each SLIDE No. 1_ SLIDE No. 2_ HERALDS (See back of publicity section), per 1,000- 1—Two Col. Ronald Colman Star Scene Head_ Thumbnail Sketch_ 2 a—One Col. Colman Star Scene Head . 2 b—Thumbnail Colman Sketch_ 3—Two Col. Scene—Lovers at Safe_ 4— Two Col. Scene—Colman and Two Women 5— One Col. Scene—Colman at Safe_ 6— One Col. Scene—Lovers Alarmed_ 7— One Col. Scene—Colman Aids Crook Escape . 8— One Col. Scene—Lovers Smiling_ 9— Two Col. Colman Cartoon _ 10— Two Col. Colman Wash Drawing___ 11— Four-Col. Ad. ___ 12— Three Col. Ad._ 13— Three Col. Ad._ 14— Two Col. Ad._ 15— Two Col. Ad.___-_ 16— One Col. Ad._ 17— One Col. Ad.___ 18— One Col. Ad. Slug_ 19— Two Col. Ad. Slug_ * 21 - on one Five Col. Mat $1.00; Cuts each $1.25) Colors (Available in Mat Form Only) 22— Three-Col. Kay Francis Feature_ 23— Five-Col. Ad _ *Sold by the Set Only. Complete Set of "RAFFLES” Mats_ Complete Set of? "RAFFLES” Cuts_16.20 Trailer from National Screen Service Music Cues Gratis Apply at your nearest United Artists Exchange for Cuts and Mats!