Something Wild (United Artists) (1961)

Record Details:

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UNITED ARTISTS PRESSBOOK L * CO-STARRING RALPH MEEKER WITH MILDRED/ proouceo by GEORGE JUSTIN oirecteo av JACK GARF EIN reteaseo taeu UNITED ARTISTS ey OE Eee 4 Cols. x 145 Lines—-580 Lines (41 Inches) presents Official Billing Prometheus Enterprises Inc. 15% Carroll Baker = (©% in SOMETHING WILD 10% co-starring Ralph Meeker = 1% with Mildred Dunnock 35% and Jean Stapleton 15% Martin Kosleck 15% Charles Watts 15% Clifton James 15% Screenplay by Jack Garfein & Alex Karmel 25% Based on the novel by Alex Karmel 257% Music composed and conducted by Aaron Copland 25% Produced by George Justin 25% Directed by Jack Garfein 25% Released thru United Artists 15% The Story (Not For Publication) Teenager Mary Ann (Carroll Baker) is assaulted in a park. She cannot tell her neurotic mother (Mildred Dunnock); neither can she recover from the trauma of this violent experience. She wanders aimlessly through the streets, depressed by the squalor and apparent indignity of life. She rents a cell-like room in a seedy tenement and takes a job at a 5 & 10. She exists in ever increasing rejection of the world she sees around her. Finally, in a trance-like state, Mary Ann is about to jump from a bridge, but is stopped by Mike (Ralph Meeker). He takes her to his dreary basement apartment and tries, inarticulately, to establish a verbal relationship. Heartsick and as alone as she, Mike becomes obsessed with the idea that Mary Ann is his—his “last chance.” He treats her gently, but keeps her prisoner, locking her in when he goes out. He repeatedly returns drunk, transformed into an animal. His need for human contact is overwhelming, and when he tries to caress her she panics and inadvertantly kicks his eye out. However, their strange relationship continues, and tragically they both begin to slip over the edge of what reason has been left to them. One day Mike leaves the door unlocked and she escapes, spending the day again wandering through the city. This time it all seems beautiful, and by evening she finds herself back at her former “prison.” She senses that each is the other's salvation, and decides to return and stay with Mike. Several months later Mary Ann sends for her mother, who at first refuses to accept the marriage. But the truth is finally able to break through the wall she has built between herself and reality and the three join hands in acceptance of the nature of life’s conditions. (Running Time: 112 Minutes ) DUNNOCK ‘enn steveron « wantin Kosteck CHARLES WATTS CLIFTON JAMES SCREENPLAY BY JACK GARFEIN AND ALEX KARMEL * BASED ON THE NOVEL BY ALEX KARMEL * MUSIC COMPOSED AND CONDUCTED BY AARON COPLAND Mat 402 The Cast Mary Ann ................ Carroll Baker PN 5 es as eed Ralph Meeker Mrs. Gates .......... Mildred Dunnock Warren Gates .......... Charles Watts Shirley Johnson ...... Jean Stapleton Landlord «....5....8.5.6005. Martin Koslek cd The Staff Producer... ....,.:....4.. George Justin ir OCHO Gis se ccseeds Jack Garfein Screenplay .......... Jack Garfein and Alex Karmel Based on the novel “Mary Ann” by .......... Alex Karmel Cameraman ............ Eugen Shuftan Music Composed and Conducted by ........ Aaron Copland BGMOr 0c cc ane Carl Lerner WUE OR ERY 4 a coehoy Spachaweias Saul Bass A Prometheus Enterprises Production Released thru United Artists