Something Wild (United Artists) (1961)

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ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN TEASER AD Use this well in advance of your opening, both run-of-paper and on theatre page. Also print a quantity and use as tack cards around town. The playdate shown here is a sample; be sure to set your correct opening date. S OME HING WiLD Opens December 20th / THEATRE 2 Cols. x 25 Lines—50 Lines (4 Inches) Mat 214 On the cinema horizon... something wild! PROMETHEUS ENTERPRISES INC. PRESENTS CARROLL BAKER g&< ‘SOMETHING RALP, H MEEKER MILDRED DUNNOCK iw srancron war nose omnis wares curr ses SOMPOSED AND CONDUCTED BY _ PROD! JACK GARFEINw ALEX KARMEL ALEX KARMEL AARON COPLAND GEORGE JUSTIN JACK GARFEIN RELEASED THRU UNITED ARTISTS For your fullest enjoyment of the mounting excitement of “Something Wild”... please see it in its entirety from the beginning. 4 Cols. x 125 Lines—500 Lines (36 Inches) PAGE 2 WiLD THEATRE Mat 401 © 1962 United Artists Corp.