Something Wild (United Artists) (1961)

Record Details:

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SPECIAL MAT NO. 1 The following ads and scene cuts are included on the comoposite mat available at a special low price from your national Screen Exchange. ADS 104, 105, 202, 203, 205 SCENES 1A, 2A CO-STARRING MILDRED DUNNOCK ‘nn stapveton-MaRTIN KOSLECKCHARLES WATTS-CLIFTON JAMES scxeewnav sv JACK GARFEIN ano ALEX KARMEL — saseo ov ne woes sv ALEX KARMEL RA LPH M EEKE wusic composeo ano conoucreo 8r AARON COPLAND eroouceo ey GEORGE JUSTIN oinecteo sy JACK GARFEIN revesseo mau UNITED ARTISTS Mat 302 3 Cols. x 90 Lines—270 Lines (19 Inches) PROMETHEUS ENTERPRISES INC. exesenrs CARROLL BAKER and SHOCK after SHOCK after SHOCK... hing she couldn’t s TOO STUNNING CO-STARRING WITH MILDRED DUNNOCK ano ‘JEAN STAPLETON MARTIN KOSLECKCHARLES WATTS CLIFTON JAMES. to be missed by adults! RALPH MEEKER soreenetav ay JACK GARFEIN ano ALEX KARMEL easeo on tue nove. ev ALEX KARMEL music cowposeo avo conoucreo ay AARON COPLAND]. eroouceo sy GEORGE JUSTIN oinecreo ev JACK GARFEIN reveasco thru UNITED ARTISTS to be seen by the immature! MILDRED DUNNOCK ‘ean staptetow-maRti KOSLECKCHARLES WATTS-CLIFTON JAMES screenrua ay JACK GARFEIN axo ALEX KARMEL costa as RALPH MEEKE tve woes av ALEX KARMEL ino cvmuees oy AARON COPLAND enooucco ev GEORGE JUSTIN. owecieo er JACK GARFEIN. uNTED ARTIS 7 H = A T R Ee + H e A T R e Mat 203 2 Cols. x 100 Lines—200 Lines (14 Inches) 2 Cols. x 50 Lines—100 Lines (7 Inches) Mat 202 PAGE 6