Something Wild (United Artists) (1961)

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PUBLICITY CAMPAIGN Carroll Baker, Ralph Meeker Star In Violent Drama ‘Something Wild’ ‘WILD’ SCORE Still SW-36 Mat 2A Carroll Baker is the victim of criminal assault in “Something Wild,” opening ............ at the Theatre, through United Artists release. Co-starring Ralph Meeker, this Prometheus Enterprises Production was directed by Jack Garfein. (General Advance) “Something Wild,” starring Carroll Baker and Ralph Meeker in a drama of violence and romance in New York City, opens .......... at the Theatre through United Artists release. Filmed entirely on location in New York City, using the city’s parks, museums, subways and bridges, “Something Wild” tells the story of a young girl’s reaction to a shattering experience. Featured in the cast are Mildred Dunnock, Jean Stapleton, Martin Kosleck, Charles Watts and Clifton James. “Something Wild” was directed by Jack Garfein and produced by George Justin. The screenplay was written by Garfein and Alex Karmel, based on Karmel’s best-selling novel, “Mary Ann.” Famed American composer Aaron Copland wrote and conducted a special musical score for the film, his first for motion pictures since the Academy Award-winning music for ‘The Heiress” in 1949, A long nurtured project for Mssrs. Justin and Garfein, “Something Wild” is a labor of love in another way also, marking the first professional association between director Garfein and star Carroll, who in private life are married. COPLAND PENS America’s foremost composer, Aaron Copland, wrote the original score for “Something Wild,” openOre eee atthe weer Theatre, through United Artists release. It is Dr. Copland’s first composition for this medium since his Academy Award winning music for “The Heiress.” He explained his return to screen-scoring with this statement: “I believe ‘Something Wild’ is a classic of American filmmaking. It is a tremendously exciting project and I wanted to contribute to it.” Recently awarded an honorary Doctor of Music degree by Harvard University, Dr. Copland’s previous work for movies includes scores for “Our Town,” “Of Mice and Men,” “The Red Pony” and several documentaries. His suite “EI Salon Mexico,” was used as the score for the movie “Fiesta.” Among his many other compositions are the opera “The Tender Land;” ballets “Appalachian Spring,” “Billy the Kid,” “The Pied Piper,” “Rodeo” and three symphonies. “Something Wild” co-stars Carroll Baker and Ralph Meeker and was directed by Jack Garfein. George Justin produced. Meeker Stars In ‘Something Wild’ Ralph Meeker, co-starring with Carroll Baker in “Something Wild,” which opens ............ at the eee Theatre, through United Artists, finds himself in a role reminiscent of the Stanley Kowalski part which launched him to success. When Marlon Brando left the cast of “A Streetcar Named Desire,” Josh Logan recommended Ralph for the part of the inarticulate, animalistic husband—ending a theatrical manhunt and starting a cinematic career. His present role of Mike, the mechanic in “Something Wild,” contains similar elements of violence and _ loneliness, again challenging Meeker’s dramatic talents. After playing over 70 bit parts and minor roles in shows on and off Broadway (some in Europe) Ralph got his big break in “Mr. Roberts,” which proved the springboard to “Streetcar.” As a result of a year with this Tennessee Williams play, he was brought to Hollywood for the first in a long series of movies, including his award winning performance in “Paths of Glory,” with Kirk Douglas. On TV he created the role of a punch-drunk fighter in Hemingway’s “50 Grand” and drew additional acclaim on other live productions of top network shows. Still SW-56 Mat 1A Ralph Meeker and Carroll Baker co-star in “Something Wild,” opening ...... at the ...... Theatre, through United Artists release. Jack Garfein directed the shocker, which features Mildred Dunnock. ‘Something Wild’ ls Violent Story Shot In New York (Production Feature) “Something Wild” is something new and something unusual in screen entertainment. It opens ...... at the... Theatre, through United Artists release, co-starring Carroll Baker and Ralph Meeker. It also co-stars The City of New York. Filmed entirely on location in The City’s parks, museums, subways and on its bridges, “Something Wild” tells the story of a brutal assault and the very strange love it breeds. Alex Karmel, who wrote the novel “Mary Ann,” on which the screenplay is based, maintains that it is actually The City that attacks The Girl. Her assailant is less an individual product of The City than he is an extension of Its evil personality. Jack Garfein, the film’s director and co-author, with Karmel, explains his decision to treat The City as a star: “Something wild happens to Mary Ann in this movie. It happens because of the violent nature of the place where she lives; it makes her look at The City as an ugly, hostile force. Our camera looks at it that way too. Later The City appears to be beautiful and friendly. Our cameras see that side of its personality also. What our photography went after was not only the various faces of an inanimate city ... but the moods of a living, willful city in relation to this girl.” The man who went after it is world-famed cinematographer Eugen Shufton, whose incredible camera technique dramatized the heightened extremes of violence and loneliness in New York. His pictorial compositions are combinations of psychological as well as physical landmarks. For them, Shufton’s crew travelled from Washington Heights to the lower east side and Chinatown. They took their cameras onto the City College campus and invaded the sacrosanct precincts of the Brooklyn Museum .. . a first for commercial film-makers. For scenes in which Miss Baker sells notions in a ten-cent-store they moved into a real five-and-dime on Broadway and 110 Street, where she had worked the afternoon before—completely unrecognized! ‘Baby Doll’ Baker Brutally Treated In ‘Something Wild’ “There is a lot of hot air blowing in from Texas!” ad-libbed a TV weather-girl one night, when she dropped her cue-cards. It abruptly curtailed her television career, a fortuitous alteration in many respects: it led Carroll Baker to The Actors’ Studio, motion picture stardom and marriage to her director, Jack Garfein. Now, for their first professional venture, they have made “Something Wild,” which opens ............ St tN easiest Theatre, co-starring Ralph Meeker with Miss Baker and released through United Artists. Originally accepted as a student at the Studio by Mr. Garfein, then on their board of directors, Carroll studied under Lee Strasberg. She i made her Broadway debut in “Escapade” and then won the coveted role of Ruth in “All Summer Long.” Her first film appearance was in “Giant,” starring Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor and the late James Dean, who played her suitor. Her performance marked her as star material and Elia Kazan asked her to try for the leading role in Tennessee Williams’ “Baby Doll.” The rest is screen history. Subsequent starring roles for Carroll have been in “The Big Country,” “The Miracle,” “But Not For Me,” “Bridge To The Sun” and now her latest—that of the girl who is brutally attacked in a city park—in “Something Wild.” (This art restricted to publicity use only. Use in paid advertising is expressly forbidden.) Still SW-53 Mat IB Carroll Baker stars in “Something Wild,” opening ........ at the Theatre, through United Artists release. Ralph Meeker co-stars. Lens Lots Better Than Brush & Pen The staid New York Times was prompted to speculate, on its editorial page, that the efforts of the makers of “Something Wild” would “. . prove that the motion-picture camera is the long awaited ultimate weapon that can convey fully the spirit and flavor of our town . which historically has defied the artist who wielded brush and pen.” Starring Carroll Baker and Ralph Meeker, “Something Wild” OPGMS: ». Pascee: atethes...%... Theatre, through United Artists release. Produced by George Justin, directed by Jack Garfein, the film’s extraordinary cinematography is the work of camera-craftsman Eugen Shufton. Considered the father of the entire neo-realistic and new wave movements, Shufton was originally trained as an artist and architect. His remarkable film work has been described by critics as “poetry with a camera” and Shufton himself as “a man who evokes moods unattainable by others.” His very first film, “People on Sunday,” which was made in Germany, is now considered a classic and is part of the Museum of Modern Art Film Library. However, the majority of Shufton’s work has been done in France, winning awards, including one at the Cannes Film Festival and Hollywood’s “Oscar.” Mat 3A Artist Al Hirschfeld’s interpretive pen records a tense scene between Carroll Baker and Ralph Meeker in “Something Wild,” wich opens .......... release. Jack Garfein directed this violent story which was produced by Prometheus Enterprises, Inc. at the .......... Theatre, through United Artists George Justin for PAGE