Something Wild (United Artists) (1961)

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EXPLOITATION MATERIAL Movie Edition of Bold Book Keys Town-Wide Wild Promo Belmont Books has re-issued “Mary Ann” with the SOMETHING WILD title, full movie credits, provocative art, copy and Carroll Baker’s photo on the covers. Four newspaper reviews are also quoted, calling it violent, extraordinary, a work of art, shocking and amazing. Teaser dialogue is used on the back cover. This book promotion is calculated to sell with sensationalism. @ Work with your Belmont dealer on the usual ‘Read The Book— See The Picture” tie-in. Banner delivery trucks with posters and accessories. Promote copies of the book for prizes and giveaways. Enlarge pages of the book and build lobby displays, matching scenes from the film with text by running streamers from the page blow-ups fo stills. @ Distribute the books to critics, radio and TV personalities. For further information contact Sam Post, Belmont Books, Ine. 66 Leonard Street, New York, New York. WA 5-0424. Belmont Books Paperback Movie-Edition Promote ‘Something Wild’ Poster Displays With Radio, TV Talk Shows Praise By LIFE Your community has its share of Mary Anns; your civil authorities know it. Whether such cases get into the papers or not, the problem is acute. Invite police officials, social workers, educators, religious And N Y TIMES leaders—and especially physicians and psychiatrists—to participate i a8 in a panel discussion on radio or TV. Call it SOMETHING WILD : 2 a IN OUR TOWN and discuss these subjects openly: Snes nee Herotath seek @ Are Our Parks Safe? with production scenes from @ Sex Crimes In Our City: What Causes Them? What “Something Wild.” The New Is Being Done About Them? York Times Sunday Magazine a : k Section ran an illustrated article @ What About Tomorrow? (Discuss physical and by Gilbert Millstein, praising the emotional changes that may be expected in a work of both Carroll Baker and girl who has been assaulted.) husband-director Jack Garfein. It’s @ Parents: How Close Are You To Your Daughters? a terrific sell for “Something (Tie-in angle on this one is that Mary Ann couldn’t Wild” and we have made an 8 x 10 tell anyone. See ad mat 303.) black and white still available, which you can enlarge to poster size, showing these great magazine breaks. Display the poster out Tie-in Merchants These Ways: front and in your lobby. Order ; : the still by number from NaDepartment stores can tie-up with the ad copy by announcing: tional Screen Service. Semething Wild Is About To Happen At Johnson's Store. Our Boldest Sale Begins On Monday. Something Wild Is ee About To Happen At The Bijou Theatre. Their Boldest Movie Begins The Same Day. Monday. ‘Something Wild.” Ten-Cent-Stores and notion sections of department stores can use Shadow Box FREE Radio Spots still SW-EX-2, which shows Carroll Baker selling Singer Sewing Accessories. Enlarge it to make counter-cards and window displays. Use Art Still SW-ART-1 to make There are four 60-second announceIf you have a Singer Sewing Center, it is a natural for window disa simple display that will flash the ments, five 30s, six 20s and seven 10s plays and co-op advertising. Be sure this does not imply endorsement. word SHOCK. Here’s how to do it available on one 12 LP disc, suitable yourself: Paint the word SHOCK for all programming policies, jt on a gauze scrim and hang it just inside the box. Place the still beFREE hind it, with a light bulb between : Interview Records ART STILLS These elements are available as them. oe pepe eye ope ae Star Carroll Baker and her husband, 8x 10 black and white stills, for a ae fia aise ne Be oft ce : ae ae Le and oe i . : > 3 authored the film, discuss the story, the ao eurOEee Ss anal! GiSplayes that the word SHOCK appears production, acting and other audiencesil cig promotions and theatre and disappears across the scene pleasing subjects. Both on one side of dressing. Order them by number in the box. a lively long-playing record. f National Sereen Exchange. a a ea es 4 : ‘ Bots hap yeet paces Ere nanes SW-ART-1 These records will be shipped FREE while the supplies last. Please be sure to ask the staoc¢ tunt tions to return this material to you when it Set up a mock shock machine beis no longer needed. Then send it, with the hind tapes in your lobby. Post this lobby spot, to your United Artists Exchange, warning: “Youll get a shock if via the Film Delivery Service, so it can be o° g é 1 you touch this wire. You'll get a used with later playdates. shock if you see this picture!” Dress display with scenes from Order From: Exploitation Department, ee os film and “SHOCK after SHOCK” United Artists Corporation, SW-ART-2 SW-ART-3 SW-ART-4 copy in ads. 729 7th Avenue, New York 19, N. Y. POSTERS AND ACCESSORIES Order From: National Screen Exchange CARROLLBAKER &% SOMETHING 5 : ae | Also Available: a Set of eight os ai Ss a ae WINDOW 1-SHEET eee | CARD 14x 36 6-SHEET | 3-SHEET Printed in U.S.A.