Teenage Millionaire (United Artists) (1961)

Record Details:

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United Artists _ (Sy rx 33 G WS TIVE Apes % i Nf pk ‘| laugh-filled =I Cs = <a . love-filled frolic! LUDLOW PRODUCTIONS, INC. presents It's all BEAT © = and BOUNCE HERE ERCHEEe with 20 hits sung me by the Top Stars! ® y the Top Sta re IN NEW FABULOUS MUSICOLOR JACKIE WILSON with ROCKY = ZASU DIANE JOAN oi) MAURICE hong IN CANTEN a 2 tr DION BILL BLACK’S COMBO . Witten by Proce by Dice by eae 2 ARR Re cst Se wh H.B. GROSS HOWARD B. KREITSEK LAWRENCE F.DOHENY UNITED OENART MARV JOHNSON VICKI SPENCER Ee DIG THIS DEAL! JACK LARSON 8 ° Tee Eo TA oa E | A free record of Jimmy Clanton singing the title song to every FREE! . s e e e e e e teenager who buys a ticket. 4 Cols. x 125 Lines—500 Lines (36 Col. Inches) eM ce a ea i as SEE HOW THE SENSATIONAL RECORD GIVEAWAY WORKS FOR YOU...PAGE 5!!