Teenage Millionaire (United Artists) (1961)

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EXPLOITATION MATERIAL Offer Merchants Many Easy Teen Tie Ins Any of the many products used by teenagers can easily and effectively be tied in with “Teenage Millionaire.” Use art and scene stills and posters from the film and go for window and in-store displays, co-op advertising, announcements in direct mailers from stores and shopping centers. Catch line for all displays and announcements is: You Don’t Have To Be A Teenage Millionaire To Afford These Smart New Styles! (if it is a clothing tie-up). Vary the copy for sports equipment, bicycles, autoaccessories, beach party accessories (barbeque grills, coolers and of course the food), costume jewelry, toy novelties (stuffed animals, pennants, souvenirs), books, admissions to pools, amusement parks, skating rinks and dances. Throwaways ! Ad mat 601 lends itself perfectly to easy and inexpensive production of broadsides and_ other throwaways. You can make these up for distribution around town, especially in connection with your merchant tie-ups (described above) at department and other stores, shopping centers, and at all places where teenagers congregate. Utility Mat 3A will provide you with “Dig This Deal’ slugs in all sizes, which you will also want to include, and you can further imprint any other special offers worked out with merchants, who will then defray the cost of printing. If you get access to a teenage mailing list (see music promotion on page 5) ad mats 202, 203 or 205 will fit perfectly into envelopes and can be used as enclosures. An example: include them with invitations to the Dance Party. | ay, Piel | yore Pome | HO SAR a wy Cr ' | | 42 \ = = | a” O55 | rd a E i Amy 1) Sa | S [ILLS Ate “a ht oe wal, ( KC sal y / / Ne. | TM—ART-1 ~TM—ART-3 TM—ART-6 TM—ART-7 TM—ART-4 The line drawings on TM-ART-1 are elements from the ads and are just right for enlargement to decorate your lobby, store displays and dance parties. Other uses for this art and the others illustrated here are suggested elsewhere on the exploitation pages. The three top teenage recording stars included in the set are TM-ART-5: Dion; TM-ART-6: Chubby Checker and TM-ART-7: Jackie Wilson. Jimmy Clanton appears in all the ad art and also on TM-ART-2. This art is available on 8 x 10 black and white stills and should be ordered by number from National Screen Exchange. PAGE 6 Screen Film For Opinion Makers And Teen Groups Let word-of-mouth create want-to-see for you on this one, Screen it as soon as you can for DJs and they will enthusiastically talk up these points: it’s upbeat: it’s about well-behaved teenagers, not juvenile delinquents; it’s fun and it’s tuneful. This is your biggest plus with the DJs: 8 top tunes, available on 7 different labels, recorded by artists whose records are played all the time. You'll get dozens of mentions every day if you bring the station personnel in to see “Teenage Millionaire” and service them with the recordings and descriptive copy. Screen also for youth groups and fan clubs which exist in every city. The DJs have mailing lists which you can use in addition to the broadcast plugs. The Hi-Fi Club, for one example, is nationally active and extremely cooperative. They look for things to do together. Invite a committee of local officers (kids) in to screen the film, together with the DJ who has the local Hi-Fi Club (or Bandstand, or Record-Party) show. Then encourage them to mail mimeographed letters to their membership, which usually numbers in the thousands locally, urging them to come out to see the picture. Make them some kind of special offer, either record giveaways, a special show just for them, group rates or a motorcade in bannered cars — which gives you an extra street bally (The Hi-Fi Club Is On Its Way To See “Teenage Millionaire” Openng At The Bijou.) Make a tape of DJ interviewing the kids after the screening, and let him spot these brief endorsements of the movie on his show. Sports Angle kx-champ Rocky Graziano still draws crowds, especially with teenagers, who are generally sports minded—both boys and girls. Set tieup with local gyms, pools, Y’s to offer free memberships or visits to teenagers who write the best letter about why Rocky Graziano is an inspiration to them (see the publicity story on page 7) or why physical fitness is important for every teenager. Post winning letters in your lobby display, incorporating stills from the gym you tie in with and from the accessories available with “Teenage Millionaire.” Sports stores or sports departments of department stores offer your best tie-ups, of course, and prizes should be of sports equipment if a merchant sponsors the promotion. Teenage Beauty Contest You can set this stunt in conjunction with a merchant tie in (bathing suits, cosmetics, girls’ dresses) or as a look-alike contest for the girl who most resembles Diane Jergens. It is preferable to work with a store or shopping center, as this way you have a sponsor for your contest, who will award prizes of merchandise as well as promote the event through ads, mailers and displays. Try for shops selling “teen-togs” or the deb-departments of womens’ stores or department stores. Hold the contest either in your theatre or as part of a fashion show at the store. Drive-ins have ideal setups and ozoners can build platforms right on the grounds, holding the beauty contest just before dark and showtime. If you work this promo as a look-alike contest, post photos of the contestants (brought or mailed in) on displays in your lobby, and get a photography studio to choose the winners, offering free color “portraits” to winner and runner up. See if the teen-page editor of one of your newspapers will go for this contest as a circulation booster, and ask her to publish rules and application blanks, then run photos of the winners. Dance Studio Dancing schools are promotion minded and should be offered sponsorship of the above beauty contest, or whichever kind of promo the school you choose prefers. A dance contest, of course, is the one most frequently used, judged at the school. Prizes are free lessons, and the contest should be announced in all of the school’s ads, direct mailers, in the studios, the windows and in your lobby. Use the scene and special art stills featuring the dance-party elements as well as ]-sheets and other poster material available. Application blanks should be distributed at your theatre, the school, and at places frequented by the teenagers. You may be able to work a three way tie in involving the dance school, the TV station’s dance party (page 5), and “Teenage Millionaire,” in which case you will have much more exposure of the stunt and better bally, too. A full assortment of radio spots has been prepared on one 12” double faced long playing record, not by an announcer, but by three of the film’s stars. They are top teenage personalities Jimmy Clanton, Dion and Chubby Checker, and they pitch di RADIO SPOTS rectly for your biggest audience: the dating crowd. These records will be shipped FREE while the supplies last. Please be sure to ask the stations to return this material to you when it is no longer needed, Then send it to your United Artists Exchange via the Film Delivery Service so it can be used with later playdates. FREE Order From Exploitation Department, United Artists Corporation, 729 7th Avenue, New York 19, New York. Contests For Teenagers 1. Teenage Millionaire For A Day: Idea is for kids to write Why I Want To Be A Teenage Millionaire—or, What I Would Do If I Were A Teenage Millionaire. All entries must be accompanied by an entry blank which can be picked up at any stores of cooperating merchants and at theatre. Winner is Teenage Millionaire For A Day, with the full treatment: various promoted prizes, chauffeured limo, radio and TV interviews, meeting with the Mayor and Controller of the city, tour of a bank by a top official (see Bank Promo, below), dinner with a local celebrity, preferably in show business, and of course the winner and family are guests of honor opening night. 2. Teenage Disc Jockey: In the picture, Jimmy Clanton runs a radio station. Invite a DJ to sponsor a contest asking for write-ins on How I Would Run Your Show If I Had The Chance. Then he gives the winner the chance, making him/her Teenage DJ For A Day. 3. Song Writing: Jimmy Clanton wrote “Just A Dream” and other hit songs. Three of the six numbers he sings in the film are his own compositions. Ask a radio station to sponsor a song writing contest, agreeing to cut a demonstration record for the winning song and to plug it on the air. If you can set this with a music publishing house, so much the better. Be sure to include movie art and copy on the cover of the music sheets. Three Street Ballys 1. Walking. Dress two teenagers, a boy and a girl, in full dress, and send them through town with signs: We’re on our way to see “Teenage Millionaire” with Jimmy Clanton. Now. Bijou Theatre. 2. Riding. Use a teenager’s car for this stunt. Possibly one of your own staff will have a “hot-rod” or an old jalopy, decorated in the latest teener style. If not, he will know where to find one. Send him and several other teenagers, in formal dress, through town with car bannered: We’re not Teenage Millionaires. Jimmy Clanton is, though, and we’re going to see him in “Teenage Millionaire”’ now at the Bijou Theatre. 3. Riding High. Promote a Rolls-Royce and tour the city as in No, 2. Tie In Banks Set display with bank on promotion to encourage teenagers to start accounts. Decorate windows and inside areas with stills and posters showing Jimmy Clanton, the Teenage Millionaire. Copy should read: Teenage Millionaires Are Rare, But If You're A Teenager And You Want To Be A Millionaire (Or Even A Half-Millionaire) You Begin Building Your Bankroli Buck By Buck. For Every Savings Account That Is Started Here During The Showing Of “Teenage Millionaire’ At The Bijou Theatre You Will Receive, As Your First Dividend, A............ BE Oe se Banks should promote prizes appropriate for boys and girls, and you can offer records through your music promotion. Be sure your playdate is prominently featured with each display, as the starting and closing dates of the bank’s “offer’’. Popularity Poll Here is a good promo for your leading music station, the record companies and, of course, your playdate. The DJ plays all eight of the records from “Teenage Millionaire” and asks his listeners to write in, voting for their favorite. Results of the poll should be announced to coincide with your opening, with cuest tickets going to 50 earliest postmarks.