The Circus (United Artists) (1928)

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CHARLIE CHAPLINin' XheCircus” STAGE A “CIRCUS” BALLOON RACE Give the young folks an outdoor party before the theatre, prior to the opening of Charlie Chaplin in "The Circus,” with a Charlie Chaplin balloon race. Make it a free-for-all-race, providing say 1,000 toy balloons, preferably lettered with the title of the picture. Each balloon is to have a tag attached, on which the respective children write their name and address. The owners of the toy craft picked up at the greatest distance and reported back to the theatre get prizes of cash or tickets to see Charlie Chaplin in "The Circus,” these prizes being split with the finders. Newspaper cooperation is recommended for this COSTUME CONTEST Stage a big juvenile "Charlie Chaplin and 'The Circus’ ” costume contest. Offer prizes of single tickets for the fifty best costumes. Get news¬ paper cooperation, and limit partici¬ pation to children under 1 5 years of age. The judging is to be done dur¬ ing a parade in which all of the con¬ testants join. With big newspaper publicity, it will be worth while to give a special morning matinee on Saturday at which each child in cos¬ tume may be admitted. Give the girls a chance by permit¬ ting them to dress as circus charac¬ ters, clowns, riders, etc. Give special prizes for antics and for floats. "HOT DOG” TIE-UP Supply special display material to all "hot dog” stands. Give them placards reading about as follows: Get your red hots here just like those which made CHARLIE CHAPLIN smack his lips in “The Circus” Now at the_Theatre MOUSTACHES From novelty dealers obtain a supply of Charlie Chaplin moustaches for distribution as souvenirs. These moustaches are very cheap in quantities. GHOST DISPLAY Line up a clothing store for a unique window display of a "ghost” suggestion of Charlie Chaplin by draping Charlie’s well- known costume on a form without head or hands. Suspend the hat over the whole, and where the face should be, set the moustache on an invisible wire. State that: "This is Charlie Chaplin’s million dollar suit of clothes, bid you can look like a million dol¬ lars in one of our $40.00 specials.” CHAPLIN ESSAYS Make a set of hollow or box letters of compo board, or of canvas over frames; put a man in each, and send them all on the street to spell out the title of "The Circus.” For essay writing contests, use one or more , of the following subjects: What great inventions have made Charlie^ ^ Chaplin better known in "The Circus” thaiP^ P. T. Barnum? j Why does Charlie Chaplin entertain "high brows” and "low brows” alike? Is Charlie Chaplin comic because we have a sense of humor, or because he has? Is bravery a state of mind, as exemplified by Charlie Chaplin on the tightrope in "The Circus”? j HA-HA CAMPAIGN Make a consistent advertising campaign by suggesting laughter in the use of the stars name with laugh copy; as for in¬ stance: "Seven Thousand Feet of Fun—A Laugh in Every Foot!”