The General (United Artists) (1926)

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POWERFUL ADVERTISEMENTS FOR YOU IN CUT OR MAT FORM BKD-17—Two Col. Adv. (Mat 10c, Cut 50c) That Face/ Them Eyes/ That Look/ Ho / Ho / Ha/ Ha/ Wow/ Help/ It's the funniest sight in town. JOSEPH M. SCHENCK Busrtft ■rfe Genera I Here! In (name of city) With his Laughter Army! The merriest, Jolliest band of gloom chasers that ever rocked your ribs. UNITED ARTISTS PICTURE BKD-14—One Col. Adv. (Mat 5c, Cut 30c) EYES FRONT Funny-Bones Qet Ready! ike Oencraf Here is the funniest, laughingest Buster Keaton yo u ever did see. Fast and furious runs the tale. High and wild speeds the fun. Thrills, side splitting laughter .^ 1 Whata picture! Whata comedy! UNITED ARTISTS PICTURE BKD-16—Two Col. Adv. Slug (Mat 10c, No Cuts) BUSTtft' rk Genera