The General (United Artists) (1926)

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MAIL AND PROGRAM IDEAS SELL LAUGHS BY DIRECT MAIL: - PROGRAM COPY Aboard “THE GENERAL” Laughter Unlimited Dear Patron: If ever you receive a sincere invitation to laugh to the limit, this is it! Buster Keaton in the biggest comedy he has ever made — biggest in action, in thrills, in wit, humor and downright swirls of joy — is coming to the-Theatre next week. ’’The General” is the hilarious adventure of an oldtime wood burner locomotive and a frozen faced engineer. It has the most laughs, thrills and breakneck love ever crammed into a motion picture. A huge panorama of a period when engines had pet names instead of Pullman cars. LOVE, LOCOMOTIVES and LAUGHS! Get ready for some of those rich, rare riots of MIRTH! Here comes ’’THE GENERAL” with Buster at the throttle! Yours merrily, Manager. UTILIZE THESE SIX-DAY TEASER ADS: GENERAL Delivery gives you your mail, but Buster Keaton’s GENERAL delivers your Mirth. (Your Theatre)—Next Week Fabius was a Roman GENERAL, but you ought to see "The GEN¬ ERAL” roamin’ with Buster Keaton. (Your Theatre)—Next Week "Give ’em more grape!” cried the GENERAL to the Captain. "Give ’em more laughs!” cried Private Buster Keaton to "The GENERAL.” (Your Theatre)—Next Week P age Fourteen