The Gold Rush (United Artists) (1925)

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Stir Up Your City With Famous Chaplin Hat How to Make the Chaplin Derby The United Artists Corporation exploitation department has devised a paper cut-out of a Chaplin derby which you can secure, as explained elsewhere in the exploitation book, to give away to your patrons. You might arrange with a local paper to print these cut-outs as a Sunday children’s page feature. You can get advertising by supplying these hats to newsboys. Other Chaplin features which will find favor with the kids are mus¬ taches and canes, which you can get at very slight cost from local man¬ ufacturers to be distributed to your patrons. FIRST: Cut out the brim of the hat around its outline and cut out the oval center piece inside the brim. Now cut apart all the little flaps that are around the inside of the brim and when they are all cut bend each one up on its dotted line so that they all stand up straight. The brim now looks like A. SECOND: Cut out the oval-shaped crown of the hat along its ir¬ regular saw-toothed outline. Now cut in toward the center along the solid curved lines. Each flap has upon it a portion bound by a dotted line with the letter G in the center. Put GLUE on these portions, one at a time, being sure to get it even along the dotted vertical line near the center of each, flap. When you have glue on one flap slide it under the next flap to the left far enough to meet the vertical dotted line and raised efiough to have the bottom of each flap in line with the ones next to it. After four or five flaps are glued together the crown will begin to take shape and will look like B. The flaps all being pasted together the crown will look like C. THIRD: Put a band of glue on the OUTSIDE of the crown all around the bottom part. The glue should be about one-half inch high. FOURTH: Take the brim in both hands and pull it down over the crown like D, and attach the flaps to the band of glue on the crown. The CHARLIE CHAPLIN HAT is now finished and should look like E. Shoe Store Tie-up A diverting feature to tie-up with a shoe store would be a duplicate o^Ae shoes worn by Charlie Chaplin in “The Gold Rush.” An old, shabby pair of exaggerated size would do. A window card should call attention to the fact that shoes similar to these, worn by Charlie Chaplin in “The Gold Rush” at the . Theatre, have carried Charlie to fame and fortune. But there is only one Chaplin, and for the rest of the world a pair of smart, comfortable shoes such as appear in the window of the shoe company are necessary to win the respect of the world. Pictures of Charlie and stills from “The Gold Rush” should supplement this display. Candy Store Scheme Candy stores and soda fountains can be utilized to help put over your exploitation of “The Gold Rush.” In connection with the showing of “The Gold Rush” at Sid Grau- man’s Egyptian Theatre, Hollywood, one of the leading confectioners made a specialty of “gold nuggets.” These were two candy nuggets in a small canves bag, resembling the gold prospector’s “poke.” On the bag was printed “Gold Nuggets from .. (name of candy company).” These bags were distributed at the theatre with the compliments of the candy com¬ pany. Such an arrangemerrt can be made with some .confectioner in your city. They make an attractive advertising feature for both the candy com¬ pany and your theatre. A “Gold Rush” sundae could be made the soda fountain feature of a , refreshment place in the vicinity of your theatre. Order the Charlie Chaplin hat direct from Pace Press, No. 207 West 25th Street, New York City. Price—$9.50 a Thousand, with an additional $1.50 for imprinting. Signed Chaplin Statement Here is a signed statement by Charlie Chaplin which every bank will be glad to give a big play: “The only ‘Gold Rush’ in which every man, woman and child can be absolutely sure of finding riches is the rush to the bank with the weekly pay check. Habit is the hardest thing in life to overcome—that’s why I think everybody should form the habit of saving as early as possible.” (signed) Charles Spencer Chaplin “Charlie Chaplin is appearing at the.Theatre this week in his greatest comedy ‘The Gold Rush.’” Essay Contest on Saving Another tie-up bank suggestion is an essay contest on saving for school children. The bank should announce this contest, advising chil¬ dren to see “The Gold Rush” at your theatre. For the best letters from a school child pointing out why the gold-seekers would have been better off by staying at home and saving systematically—or on a subject of kindred thought—prizes should be offered.