The Gold Rush (United Artists) (1925)

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Ad Cuts That Pull and Demand Attention CH^IE CHAPLIN rn“Thc GOLD RUSH'' d TDramatic Corned-^ ‘yS/riitQft andDirected by CHARLIE CHAPLIN - f' Hearlacltes become rib - ticMers. T ragedies turn to \augWter M iseries | brin^ mirtbfulness Hardshilps breed cbucMes | As Cliajplm burlescfues aU tbe Human Ills I I BBD-2—One column Advertising Cut. Price 30 cents. Mats 5 cents. The Chajplin Genius Switcbes tVie bardsWif>s and heartbreaks of humanity’s every day tife into hilarious fun and uf>roarious laughter. Yet there is the Cha|>\in the whole world laughs at - Cha(>lin of the big shoes, trick derby, little cane, the baggy trousers and the funny, shuffling walk. — BBD-4—Two column Advertising Cut. Price 50 cents. Mats 10 cents.