The Gold Rush (United Artists) (1925)

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This Three Column A Will Bring ^Em to Box-office V CH ARLIE- CHAPLIN tn THE GOLD, RUSH (2 JDramatic Comedy 'yVritten andDirected by ChaHie Chaplin Man^s Greed For turned into covned^ tUat wiW rock ^ou witk lau^kter. Hardshijps Of tke Ktondike stamf>ede made to seem uf>roarious\^ funn^. Hunger Pangs Tke basis of antics so ctever tkat tke^ make \)ou forget f>ain. Lovesickness Becomes tke foundation for Ckajptin tricks tkat rouse kitarit^. Blizzards Switcked into boisterous ^ates and blustery skouts of ^\ee. Freezing Cold Brings tke warmtk of tau^kter tkat never ceases, atwa^s increases. BBD-5—Three column Advertising Cut. Price 75 cents. Mats 20 cents.