The Great Dictator (United Artists) (1940)

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iLi>Tuti ip© um?m Revive the Chaplin-Imitating Craze! First Day Third Day KIDS’ COLORING CONTEST Staple and time-tried though it is, the kids' coloring contest is such an inevitable form of show-selling on a Chaplin picture that we recommend it as a "must" in your campaign. The kids go for Charlie—and they'll itch to grab a crayon and act upon the invitation to color up the black-and-white sketches in your newspaper. Here are three immensely amusing Chaplin line sketches done by the famous artist, Hershfield. Plant them in a three-day series, and offer ducats to the youngsters who send in the best- colored complete set of three. Three days of attractive breaks on your show are a cinch for you if you promote this plant in your local paper. Order Mat No. 51 B, 30c; Cut, 50c. CHAPLIN IMPERSONATIONS £Rivn In SPclty, STAlmig/i SPcAcclb, SftcyA ’ SPccufo; Sic. x Kids love Charlie Chaplin and kids know Charlie Chaplin. Chaplin is the one great comedian who appeals to all ages and the amazing thing about his tremendous appeal is that kids who have never seen him on the screen know all about him—they know what he looks like and they're wondering how he'll sound. "The Great Dictator" is a kids' picture, make no mistake about that. This generation of children will laugh and cry with Charlie as kids have for more than twenty years. Every kid is a natural mimic and every kid likes to impersonate Charlie Chaplin. Set up contests in your lobby, through schools, boy scouts, clubs, etc. Give prizes to the kids who give the best imitations of the little man with the derby, moustache, big shoes and ^ baggy pants. FILL-IN DRAWING CONTEST Kids love to draw, and the familiar caricature of Charlie Chaplin is so easy that it makes an artist of every youngster. This one is perfect for news¬ paper cooperation or you can give away these incomplete drawings of Charlie. The win¬ ner of the contest is the kind who most cleverly completes the unfinished drawing. One of the big newspaper chains is having great success with a stunt of this type as a daily feature. They report that grown-ups as well as kids go for it big. That's why we sug¬ gest that you plug it for every¬ thing it's worth. Order this 2-col. Mat as No. 52B, 30c; Cut, 50c. ★ I POSTER CONTEST IN SCHOOLS Here's a natural for school cooperation. Most schools have drawing classes. Arrange to have the students compete in drawing a poster advertising Charlie Chaplin in "The Great Dictator" coming to your theatre. These can be in color or black and white. Get a couple of local advertising men to judge the finished posters and select the winners. Then display the winning posters in the lobby of your theatre and try to use some of therr^ in your advertising with the names of the winning artists. All the kids, their families and almost everybody else in town will be interested in this one! SCHOOL ESSAY CONTEST Get your local school to sponsor an essay contest on the subject of "Famous Comedians." Be sure to tie this in with Charlie Chaplin and "The Great Dictator." There are countless subjects to choose from. Four of the most famous funny men in the history of the world were Grimaud, Grock, Heuve and Toto. A little research by teachers on the careers of these A men will furnish interesting classroom material. The history of Charlie Chaplin, of course, should also be included. Another good essay would be, "Famous Funny Men. Why Chaplin Is Funniest." Prizes should be awarded the winners. Page Two