The Great Dictator (United Artists) (1940)

Record Details:

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WNCH , <^fS. V lN ° A P „ t Vanambo'o"«’" bo „„ered P ,r theatre- ^ a (theatre) V ° nv . “Just in cOS ® h Ue« °» COP n over-\o° gh t S "Jo 0 cca- «° uW n ' n * . “achon v a ^an h° 9 W'« M °° a *r^" eaw J »"'« 0,copv ’ BUCKING COMEDY CAR An old car, with rear wheels re¬ made so that they are off-center, will buck around town with plenty of accompanying laughs. Ban¬ nered copy, featuring head of Chaplin, reads: "Rocking the town with laughter —Chaplin as The Great Dictator’!" nKr * c SO ID/ * laugh SCHEDULE he hn_ P time schedule 1U ' ctat ° r " as ! n Q the high snnf m - phasiz ' “net,on with 5 m c °n- li'ne fo r earhu Start <ng Heading. *r£ h lowing Laughs in ‘Th'r ' table of ?P r (Vote e £ reat Vet? < tlmes should ben* 5 J arf ing \ e *er P ossiuJ 1 ? ted »he?. •SSSy ir ur A 'cO'H \0 THE r * ^ „ mV r a m'^ e V o0 set up \ o0 gh- You c . ctreaor t G . c °' ch Me c rr Q a- «* '^e"G«°' C ° upr— topro^ 0 ' . e spe ,o,' S " ca»V '"added s»ee« *«'/ /COMIC PAGE "'■j I / TIEUP \( ) \ /Tie in with a local newspaper's I comic pages by running a co- \ /PHOTO CONTES oDerative institutional ad, with \ / Run a "smiles" contest ' p lininn ud "The Great / ,n your lobby, based copy lining P , . I / on newspaper-spon- Dictator" as the great laug I j sored snapshots of peo- i of all time. The idea / | p| e leaving your thea¬ tre after seeing "The Great Dictator". Biggest and best laugh of each day wins a prize, and \person involved must/ \identify himself./^ ,.j up "The Great Dictator as the great laugh- maker of all time. The idea V sells the comic pages strongly, > \ and of course does a job / for your show. / IN » t0 f IN 9 .x -, n A good'^^je^ndor wed in a s . when d»s b t?c o laugh .^he> f»c \augh s „'« e d can also V D telou r^CcSfy X tov/n on « s / LAU <*H records X f B rl Ca | f u nfinu °us hilarity SVStlm e h° bby - ° Ver y ° Ur P - A system by using a sure-fire laugh record. Two such rec¬ ords available are.- No 5002 group of men and women No^Jm!? c ° ntinuou sly; and No. 4024 —two men laughina boisterously. Both have repeal hnes ,n center for continuous Playing Order them direct at ea v5o°? T ' J - VALENTINO 729 Seventh Ave. > New York. ' / CRITIC HAS HO fc\)EV ,ell ed co* \ed otr' eS o>ed°^ra. ban' this This '■ •\o\or The , rt>e tono'' ever ,es L' ,od e • wmiiw nMO run \ low up a good photograph of an important critic or lo¬ cal celebrity—showing him or her laughing vigorously —for lobby purposes. Catch¬ line and copy should em¬ phasize the laugh angle, k. possibly with a auot- J ' tour ing PHOTOGRAPHER ^ t cuP a a S' in - Godd °r d « p -'-acc o ; p a on tr i ! OWn , edy Photographer^ hI ° °° m ' h ,s shot of the r, • Sets Up af ter much froubl Sm9 Couple > /ash copy Qn Grep t Dictator". me unyic, / ly with a quoted / cE.T^ comment. / / S A* ^ S / . kVJGH ,G" S p\OS. c oro \0 M ’^LEo n 5^^ .M°^ouv>\n >jOU< ^touO'; V en ^°^e G\5* see o> ot ;P' a sian n °ndZy r and thTs CQrrip s Vgo ?Po/e °n y ' ' th 'nk°r y: \ 90ln 9fn n ' Q nd iC ' 01 X Dir? e ‘ T °e C np t u, ctato r \* Gr eaty \ LAUGH STUNTS o [A A] aP