The Great Dictator (United Artists) (1940)

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"THE GREAT PLANT SENSATIONAL NEWSPAPER STRIPS Every newspaper in the country WANTS to print pictures of Charlie Chaplin as “’The Great Dictator,” the most discussed stills from the most discussed picture of all time. Countless pictures have already been printed in the top newspapers and magazines of the country but these strips are completely NEW. They are available only through United Artists. We offer five strips and suggest that they be planted as a series, one strip eacli day. They can, of course, be used separately but many newspapers will want tlie whole series. Here is a really outstanding service for newspapers in a series of strips that will sell “The Great Dictator” as it should be sold. The five strips are: “The Great Dictator” Broadcasts, Love Comes To Charlie, “The Great Dictator” Relaxes, Chaplin Talks and The Dancing Dictator. Even “The Great Dictator” has his lighter moments—at least he’s light on his partner's feet. In the first picture, Hynkel invites his partner to waltz. In the second picture he decides not to waltz. In the third picture he seems to regret what he started in the first pic¬ ture and in the fourth, the rhythm's got him. In case you haven’t guessed it already, Charlie Chaplin is Hynkel, “The Great Dictator” in the United Artists release of the same name, coming on ........ to the . Theatre, Each of the four strips at the right is matted (pictures only, type to be set locally) in full newspaper page width—sixteen inches ivide. Your newspaper will probably want to run them all in a series. Individual photos can of course be cut apart in mats for different shaped layout according to individual newspaper's requirements. Order mats direct from Exploitation Dept., United Artists Corp., 729 Seventh Avenue, New York City. The vertical strip at the left is matted in two-column width (4" wide), shown here in full size, including type. Order it direct from United Artists Exploitation Dept. Mat No. 5 OR—30c,■ Cut —50c. THE SOUND AND THE FUEHRER! Broadcasting in comparative privacy at a meeting of 2,000,000 party LOVE COMES TO Page Ten “The Great Dictator” goes in for a bit of plain and fancy relaxation with a gun to keep away the mos-