The Great Dictator (United Artists) (1940)

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DICTATOR” BROADCASTS members and five microphones (for those who couldn’t get there), “The Great Dictator” says a few words with a couple of hundred gestures. “We’ve gotta have lebensraum,” he screams, and then pauses CHARLIE! for a double salute. Crossing his arms and popping his eyeballs, he goes on to explain that he’s a peace-loving man and will kill any so-and-so who doesn’t agree with him. Finally, he pounds his heart (if any) and yells that next year there will be more conquests, more ersatz and more taxes for the axis. Quite a heil storm! (Order Mat I\o. 46B — 30c; Cut — 30c.) the person of Paulette Goddard, as a comely peasant girl. Introducing himself with his famous gallantry, Charlie takes her for a walk, pausing only momen¬ tarily to hide discreetly in a doorway when he hears a detachment of storm troopers march by in the dis¬ tance. Passing a street vendor, Charlie solidifies his standing with the fair one by buying her some penny souvenirs. And so, arm in arm, they wend their peace¬ ful way through the streets of the town, happy in the knowledge that whatever strange or momentous ex¬ periences may befall Charlie in the future, they have had their moment of idyllic romance. ( Order Mat No. 47B—30c; Cut—50c.) Great Dictator.” The inimitable Charlie (most imi¬ tated man in the world) will be heard as well as seen on the screen for the first time. These pictures are DICTATOR" RELAXES from the world war sequence of “The Great Dictator” when Charlie is a common soldier in the front line trenches. Most people will be surprised at Chaplin’s excellent speaking voice. He had considerable ex¬ perience on the English stage before coming to this country and motion pictures more than 20 years ago. (Order Mat No. 48B—30c; Cut—50c.) quitoes and an atomizer to keep away the germs. In the first picture, the great man is just relaxing. In the second, he feels a germ coming on. Then he draws a bead on a mosquito but the gun is more powerful than he imagined. The dictator loses his equilibrium (to say the least) and calls for the army and navy. The rescue squad doesn’t arrive in time as the furious Feuhrer gets an unwanted cooling off. (Mat 49B — 30c; Cut — 50c.) Page Eleven