The Great Dictator (United Artists) (1940)

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Charlie Chaplin's great new comedy deserves the best in publicity art—and that's just what you have in these expert car¬ toons by the renowned caricaturist, Herschfeld. Famous for his caricatures of celebrities which appear regularly in metropolitan newspapers and magazines, Herschfeld here has caught the spirit and flavor of Chaplin's new masterpiece with hilarious effect. These drawings, which are of a standard of excellence usually accessible only to the biggest publications, are available to you for planting in your local newspaper for the mere cost of the mats. Get them set for some beautiful ticket-selling breaks! Charlie tangles with a super- colossal siege gun in this hilar¬ ious sketch illustrating one of the early sequences of the pic¬ ture. Available on 2-column Mat No. 57B — 30c (Cut — 50c); 3-column Mat No. 58B — 45c ( Cut — 75c). Herschfeld portrays Chaplin in a soulful dancing mood as he comes to grips with the buxom wife of Napaloni. Order this drawing on 2-column Mat No. 60S — 30c (Cut — 50c). The Great Dictator of Tomania squares off to a battery of mikes , in this eloquent caricature. Ask for 2-column Mat No. 55B — 30c (Cut — 50c); or 3-column Mat No. 56C — 45c ( Cut — 75c ). In this idyllic little scene the beloved Charlie of tradition , complete with derby , cane and big shoes , takes his sweetheart for a stroll. Order this delight¬ ful Herschfeld sketch on 2- column Mat No. 59B — 30c (Cut — 50c ). Dictators Hynkel and Napaloni ride triumphantly through the streets while the populace cheers and takes it on the chin. Order 2-column Mat No. 53B — 30c (Cut — 50c); or 3-column Mat No. 54C — 45c (Cut — 75c). Page Fifteen