The Great Dictator (United Artists) (1940)

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Order Chaplin “News Flashes” and “Talky” Cards from SKILPRINT IDEAS 220 W. 19th Street New York City “Talky” Cards Make Charlie Talk! Here's a "class" novelty that's not only eye-catching to look at, but draws attention because it does some¬ thing. These Chaplin "Talky" cards, actual size of which is 6" x 7", crease down the center, and when folded back and forth rapidly on the crease Charlie's mouth moves as if he were delivering a speech! Grownups will be amused, kids will be delighted with the working of this ingenious gadget. Order them for town-wide distribution. Price, in¬ cluding imprint on back of card (shown folded at left): 1M—$25; 2500—$50; 500—$15.00. Chaplin “News Flashes” Tell Your Story A novelty that's really novel —a miniature newspaper inserted through a slit under Charlie's arm that flashes a show-selling message on "The Great Dictator" in a tricky, amusing way! They won't be able to resist the temptation to pull out the little paper and read it—and to show this ingenious novelty gag to their friends! "Chaplin News Flashes" are made on durable stock, in 6" x 3 Vi" size—ready for mailing or hand dis¬ tribution. Theatre imprint furnished on the miniature newspaper. Price, with imprint: 1 M—$20.00; 2500— $37.50; 5M—$65.00; 500—$12.50. Felt Derbies For Lapel Ornament Poopee-Snoopee Novelty Co., specialists in min¬ iature hats for lapel wear, are furnishing these little Chaplin felt derbies with the name of the star and picture title plainly legible in reverse lettering on the hatband. Derbies are made of genuine felt, and will stand long wear. Width of the brim overall is 2!/2"; crown is 1" high. Wearers of these engaging novelties have been stopped on the street by fascin¬ ated strangers. Amusing and piquant, they're the best kind of teaser selling for your show. Each hat furnished with a small gold-finish safety pin. Price, $3.50 per hundred. Order direct from POOPEE SNOOPEE, Inc. 191 Seventh Ave. New York City m MOVIE FLIP BOOKS A flash movie sequence of Charlie Chaplin with a wow finish— that's what the kids will get when they cut out the eight perforated j| frames of this card and staple them together in correct order as shown by the numbers. An ideal inexpensive kid novelty that gives them action and show-selling, with something to keep, laugh at, and show around. Actual size is 6 Vi" x 7" overall. Distribute them through schools, kid organizations, and by direct giveaway. Prices, including theatre imprint and playdate: 1 M—$5.25; 2M—$5.00 per M; 3M— $4.75 per M (postage additional). COMIC STRIP BLOTTER Novelty blotters are advertising mediums that can give sustained selling; here's one composed of actual stills from "The Great Dictator," y with amusing balloons that end up with a natural, unforced plug for your great comedy show. Priced low enough for wide distribution, they make a show-selling adjunct that the youngsters will scramble for. Actual size of the blotter is 2Vi' 7 x OVi", with comic strip side printed on good coated stock. Prices: $5.25 per M; 2M—$5.00 per M; 3M— $4.75 per M; 500—$3.50 (postage additional). Illustrated below. Order Flip Books and Blotters from SCENE-MARK COMPANY 221 W. 41st Street New York City YOU DANCE DIVINELY BUT WHY DON'T YOU L. SPEAK? A AREN'T YOU EVER GOING TO TALK. £ CHARLIE t M [OH MR CHAPLIN I'M SO i THU-RILLED / YES! JUST N WAIT TILL YOU I ■ HEAR ME IN I f ‘THE ’ GREAT DICTATOR* GOOSE STEP GLIDE CHARLIE CHAPLIN TALKS in " THE GREAT DICTATOR > Fage Sixteen