The Great Dictator (United Artists) (1940)

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V) MAGIC “MYSTO-AD” Perfect for getting across ip teaser fashion the dual character of Chaplin's talking role in "The Great Dictator," this double-barrelled novelty combines the appeal of mystery as to how it works, and the advantage of a strong promotional message for your show. Illustrated at left (in reduced size) is the card before it is transformed; at right is the same card after being rubbed with damp cloth or cotton first applied to the "mystic spot." This one will excite—and sell—fans of all ages. Actual size is 4Vs" x 5 ] A", printed on heavy paper. Prices, including imprint (cash with order) : 1M—$4.00; 2M—7.00; 3M—10.00; 4M— 13.00; 5M—15.00; 25M—2.50 per M. Allow two weeks for production. Order direct from PARK PRINTING CO. 817 Park Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. Door and Auto Hanger A staple novelty that takes on new show-selling import¬ ance when it presents them with a goofy salute from the gaga Great Dictator. Get them up on apartment door¬ knobs, street doors, office and car doors all over. Hole and slit at top permit these hangers to be placed on any style door or knob. Size 1 1" high, printed on attractively colored cardboard. Prices, with theatre imprint: 500— $4.50; 1M—6.00; 5M— 5.50 per M; 10M—5.00 per M. Order these items from ECONOMY NOVELTY CO. 225 W. 39th Street New York City You'll want to have plenty of Chaplin imitators strutting around your town; and an indispensable part of their equipment is a Charlie Chaplin cane. These canes suggest Charlie Chaplin and sell the ap¬ peal of your show at a glance. Each one has a small cardboard pennant with bill¬ ing and your theatre imprint. Prices: 100—$5.00; 250—10.00; 500—17.50; 1000—30.00. Minimum order, 20 canes at 5c each. Cardboard Masks This attractive Charlie Chaplin mask in two colors is one of your important exploitation items for imper¬ sonation stunts, Charlie Chaplin contests, parades, or general giveaway. Made of durable cardboard, they are priced inexpensively enough for round-town dis¬ tribution. Kids love to impersonate Chaplin; use these masks and encourage Chaplin imitations wherever youngsters get together. Masks are made of durable cardboard, 9" x 11" overall, die cut all around with holes for eyes and slits for nose and mouth. Strings furnished ready for inserting. Prices, including theatre imprint: 1M—$12.50; 3M—$12.00 per M; 5M— $11.50 per M; 500—$7.50; 250—$4.50. Order direct from ECONOMY NOVELTY CO., 225 W. 39th Street, New York. Cloth Masks For your more important Chaplin impersonation stunts, such as a Chaplin imitation contest on your stage, a street bally or parade, here are good quality cloth masks, moulded to fit children, airbrushed in color. Eyes, nose and mouth have small openings; elastic is fastened at both sides. Made to cover the full face, they should be worn with Chaplin derbies (see special Chaplin derbies on page 24). Prices: 10 for $1.00; 25—$2.00; 55—$4.00; 100—$6.50. Jig Saw Puzzle in Envelope 514" x 7" Jig Saw Puzzle Give the jigsaw puzzle fad a new impetus by introduc¬ ing this attractive and brain¬ tickling Chaplin puzzle. The popular, amusing photo of The Great Dictator looking for new worlds to conquer is die-cut as shown here, into sections that make a puzzle neither too easy nor too diffi¬ cult for solution. Spread them broadcast in your town and get local families work¬ ing out the jigsaw and re¬ ceiving the ticket-selling message. Puzzle is made of heavy cardboard, in two colors, furnished com¬ plete in open-end envelope which carries selling copy and your theatre imprint. Prices, including imprint: 1M—$18.50; 3M—18.00 per M; 5M—17.50 per M; 500—10.00; 250—6.00. Order direct from Economy Novelty Co., 225 W. 39th Street, New York. i ss | These flashy two-color double- cross badges, worn on coat lapels, blouses and dresses of local kids, will start a town-sweeping fad. The double-cross insignia, with the picture title displayed, gets across the idea of your show in¬ stantly, and there's space for a legible theatre imprint. Badges are made in two colors, with red lettering on a black background, of thick fibre board stock equipped with patent pin feature. Prices: 500—$9.50; 1M—16.50; 3M— 15.50 per M; 5M—15.00 per M. S^rm^anc/i Another "must" item in your exploitation equip¬ ment is this cardboard mustache, to go with the derby and cane in any Chaplin impersonation stunts you are promoting. Die-cut to the exact shape and size of Charlie's own mustache, the two prongs will fit securely in any nose and hold firmly in place. Foster that "making-like-Chaplin" craze by distributing them widely. Printed on durable cardboard, with star name and picture title on reverse side. Price, $5.00 per M. List among your popular juvenile- distribution items these teaser arm- bands, with double-cross emblem and picture title arranged so that either the insignia or the title can be worn on the outside of the arm. Kids will want to "join" this gag order of the double-cross by wearing them and thus publicizing your show. Also a natural for your ushers. Made of heavy paper, with printing on colored stock. Price, $7.75 per M. Order these items from M. M. RODBELL CO., 280 MADISON AVENUE, NEW YORK /T\ THE CV GREAT DICTATOR Page Seventeen