The Great Dictator (United Artists) (1940)

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1 %% h 28 Lobby Displays Rental 20c Each ICTATOR Window Card. Non-rental Price 7c Inquire for Quantity Rates Announcement Slide. Non-rental Price ISc CHAPLIN k\ £+3. ^DICTATOR Y OUR showmanship campaign on “The Great Dictator” has a tremendous asset in the carefully prepared set of United Artists ac¬ cessories—show-selling aids which do a complete job of getting across the picture’s gorgeous comedy with greatest effectiveness! This visual material on the Chaplin masterpiece has direct seat-selling results, in all phases of outdoor exploitation! Plan now for a complete accessories campaign—at and away from your theatre. Order on U.A.’s econom¬ ical rental plan! Sol ©f Eight 11 x 14 Lobby Displays Rental 35c for Set THE WOULD WIU BE LAUGHING AGAIN ... 14 u 3 6 Insert Card Rental 12c *1 Copyright MCMXL by United Artists Corp., New York, N. Y.