The Great Dictator (United Artists) (1940)

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XX Soon the world will laugh again . .. The Great DICTATOR will have its World Premiere TUESDAY, OCTOBER 15™ AT 8:30 p.m. AT BOTH THE ASTOR and CAPITOL Theatres I ASTOR THEATRE BROADWAY St 45th STREET Buy reserved seats now in ad¬ vance for future performances. Mats, at 2:45. Eves, at 8:45. (Extra Midnight Show Sat. 5c I Extra6 p. m. shows on Sat. 5c Sun.) PRICES: Mats.. 75c, 85c, {51.10. (Sat., Sun. 5c Hoi. Mats: also Mid¬ night 6c Extra Shows—75c, 85c, 551 10, SI.65). Eves , SI 10. SI.65, S2.20 (including Sat., Sun. 5c Hols.) All Prices Include Tax. CAPITOL THEATRE BROADWAY & 51st STREET Regular continuous perform¬ ances. Come any time and see a complete show. Doors open at 10 a.m. PRICES: Before 5 p.m. Orch 5c Bale. 75c. (Sat., Sun 5c Hols. Before 3 p m.) After 5 p.m. Orch. 5c Bale., St 10 (Sat., Sim. 5c Hols after 3 p.m.) All Prices Include Tax. The Great DICTATOR XX Produced, written and directed by CHARLES CHAPLIN with PAULETTE GODDARD JACK OAKIE • HENRY DANIELL • REGINALD GARDINER BILLY GILBERT . MAURICE MOSCOVITCH Released thru United Artiite Don't forget—Reserved Seals On Sale Tomorrow at the Astor for all sub¬ sequent performances. Mail Orders For Astor Filled In Order of Receipt Ad No. 21C —Three col. x 166 lines (Mat .45; Cut .75)