The Last of the Mohicans (United Artists) (1936)

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First Run—or Re-Run —It's A Home Run! Lobby Exhibition As part of your lobby display set up an Indian fire-making apparatus. There are two main styles, one with a bow, the other with two dry sticks. The Boy Scout Manual contains all the instruction necessary to the setting up and functioning of this dis- play. You can challenge your patrons to match their skill and strength with the Mohicans. Free passes can be awarded to anybody who actually starts a fire. INDIAN FIGHTER’S STUNT The days of the Indian fighter and caravan scout have passed but there still are some of these hardy pioneers left. If you can find one of these colorful old-timers arrange to have as your guest for the opening of “The Last of the Mohicans.” If possible have him come dressed in his full regalia and carrying his rifle and bowie knife. Tell the papers what you are doing— they are almost certain to cooperate with you as this is good human interest feature. GIANT LOBBY DISPLAY STUNT The giant lobby-book, illustrated above will sell the picture with class and convic¬ tion. The illustrations are photographic blowups, secured from the stills in “The Last of the Mohicans” set. They are backed up on compo-board pages, which are hung on a rack obtainable at your hardware store, or a hinge device which can be set by any carpenter. Have one of your house staff dressed in the typical garb of a frontiersman. If possible prepare a picture-selling patter for him to use on the customers as he slowly turns the pages of the book. CATCH THE CURIOUS Put people’s curiosity to work for you with this simple, inex¬ pensive stunt. Secure a nearby store window, white it over completely, leav¬ ing only a small square aperture with a sign above it reading: STOP! LOOK! SEE! “THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS!” Inside the window there need be nothing more than a display of poster art, stills and a credit card bearing your theatre’s name and playdate. A variation of the same idea can be used in your lobby with a compo-board shadow box. You can use the same copy on this and have a lighted still display inside. # • GO AFTER CARRIAGE TRADE “The Last of the Mohicans” offers you a chance to attract trade that doesn’t customarily attend many movies and to create consider¬ able good-will. Secure a mailing list of all the women’s clubs and literary societies in town. Prepare a special form letter to these people stressing the fact that this classic of American literature has endured for more than one hundred years. Remind them that James Fenimore Cooper is one of the literary giants of America , compara¬ ble in reputation to Edgar Allen Poe and Washington Irving. Urge them to see this story of early America , as this is one example of education by means of excellent entertainment. • BOOK STORE TIE-TP “The Last of the Mohicans” offers you an opportunity to tie-up bookstores all over town. Use the other books written by James Fenimore Cooper, “The Deerslayer,” “The Pioneers,” “The Path¬ finders” and “The Spy,” as a background for “The Last of the Mo¬ hicans” you have the basis for an eye-appealing store window. All of these books stress adventure and action so you can plant some of £he fine action shots from the still set. INDIAN ART EXHIBIT Page Five