The Private Life of Don Juan (United Artists) (1934)

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1 mm MEAN! NEW The return of Doug¬ las Fairbanks to the type of picture which made him famous means big returns at the box-office. Romance, action, beautiful girls abound j in this zestful story ofT historys’ most famous' lover, Don Juan. Alexander Korda, who produced “Henry VIII,” has clicked in a big way to make Fairbanks’ opportu¬ nity an exhibitor oppor¬ tunity. Merle Oberon and many others of the beautiful fem¬ inine cast in “Henry VIII,” surround Fairbanks in a real Fairbanksian re¬ turn to romantic allure. Bakeries can profit from story scene Bakeries can utilize window displays, ads and special wrap-ins, handbills, and counter circulars on this picture. The exhibitor pro¬ vides them and the bakery displays and circu¬ lates them. One of the scenes in the picture justifies this tie-up; stills No. D.J. 15 and D.J. 16 dramatize this scene. With this still or art on Fairbanks, the dis¬ play caption can be: “History’s most famous lover had only two great weaknesses—MUF¬ FINS (or any other pastry item featured by the store as its special) and beautiful women!” See Douglas Fairbanks torn be¬ tween the irresistible allure of girls and tasty baked things in “The Private Life of Don Juan,” next week at the Rivoli Theatre! Colortone slide one of best ever made Motion Picture Herald says: Showmanship angles abound in this picture. Done on a gorgeous scale, it goes “Henry VIM” one better. Fairbanks as agile and virile as ever. Previews from the daily press say: Fairbanks at top of his form! Korda has done it again! Grand entertain¬ ment! Told with great gayety! One of the most piquant and pol¬ ished talking pictures it is possible to imagine! Witty; wonderful cast; clever dialogue! Order direct from: NATIONAL STUDIOS, INC. 226 WEST 56th STREET NEW YORK CITY One of the most beautiful Colortone Slides ever prepared for a feature is that on “The Private Life of Don Juan.” Most aptly it fits the presentation of your trailer in advance and provides a color back¬ ground for the introduction of the picture. Vivid tints, quality materials made to stand up under modern high intensity lighting. See it, get it — No. N-933. Remittance with order or will be sent C. O. D. Prices: x 5"—Colored Positive only $2.00 Set (Pos. & Neg.) _ 3.00 3%" x 4"—Colored Positive only 1.50 Set (Pos. & Neg.) _ 2.25