The Private Life of Don Juan (United Artists) (1934)

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Far Bigger Beturns — The Big Series of articles on “Keeping Fit” educates men , amuses women and impresses star*author’s name Rubin mat good illustration for stories or beverage ad Snappy contrast of tone, plenty of “color,” is the secret of charm in this Hy Rubin drawing. Not only is it an excellent and distinctive piece for story illustration and layouts that dominate the screen page, but it can be worked into special ads, and is also a good co¬ operative illustration for ads, displays or special throwaways with beverage concerns. It dramatizes the angle of “a toast,” blending nicely to the sales copy of concerns distributing or selling refreshing drinks. Two-Col. Mat No. 12 — .10; Cut .40 Here’s an interesting set of ar¬ ticles by Fairbanks on “How the He-Men of Movieland Keep Fit.” Everybody is interested in keep¬ ing in condition, and this group of tips by the star of your production deals with pertinent headlines names such as Weissmuller and Max Baer, as well as George O’Brien and Fairbanks himself. Men will find some real pointers in the articles, women will be curious to read about how the strapping fellows do it, everybody will enjoy the humorous slant about the para¬ doxical Baer, and your star name will be impressed throughout. Included in the set is a little one- column announcement of the fea- ure’s coming which the paper can use in advance. It’s worth banner¬ ing their trucks for, too, as an added reader draw. Order this set from the United Artists Home Office, 729 Seventh Avenue. Request the newspapers using them to send tear sheets or clippings for our records and to check the publishers’ names on our lists. Ample room for copy provided in men f s fashion ad mat Men are as fastidious about being garbed in the mode of the mo¬ ment as women, and almost as much inclined to follow the footsteps of public idols as are women. Fairbanks happens to be one of those personalities who appeals to both men and women. Windows and ads of men’s stores can play up the angle that the romantic appeal of today’s men can parallel the romantic success of Don Juan in atten¬ tion to dress. Here’s a mat with plenty of mortise room for store and theatre copy, which will make an attractive ad within the means of most stores handling men’s togs. In the case of windows, the lifelike cutouts, mounted posters and stills, can lend color to the customarily prosaic displays of clothes, shirts, etc. HerO'tO'valet reader topic Newspapers, or the theatre alone, can sponsor contests in which read¬ ers and patrons pen the best fifty- word opinions on “Why no man is a hero to his own valet.” The case of Don Juan can be played up as a notable exception to the rule, or a case in point. Leporello, Don Juan’s valet, treated him like a God, but at the same time understood all his little short¬ comings and was a self-appointed custodian of his idol’s welfare, warding off what he considered un¬ desirable acquaintances, serving as bodyguard, and planner of his diet.