The Private Life of Don Juan (United Artists) (1934)

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Ladies & lace The ladies of Spain, conquests of “Don Juan,” and lace, go well to¬ gether. Many of the stills show the beauties set off to advantage in lace. Sell some big department store on the idea of a lace window; new and strik¬ ing, and your art and credits with it. Qorgeous cosmetic window pattern The power which swayed “Don Juan” in “His Private Life” —cosmetics, properly used by alluring beauties. Here’s a window put in by Woolworth’s, London, for the premier of this picture, illustrating the grand scale upon which a display can be built up with movie art, selling the little items. The theatre credits and art harmonize perfectly, rather than obtrude, in this display, and with all the beauties surrounding Fairbanks in this picture for examples, cosmetic displays ought to be easy in your town. DOUGLAS Real puzzle novelty This little gadget will test the ingenuity of patrons to such an extent that they will rush to your lobby to learn the solution. The puzzles are delivered assembled and imprinted, so that they may be dis¬ tributed as soon as they are received. With each order comes several sheets explaining the method of solving. This solution may be displayed in your lobby, perhaps blown up. If no solution is posted, guest admissions may be offered those able to pry the key and heart apart without tearing. Have the patron explain how he or she did it so that there is no chance of tearing up two of them and putting them together; if they can do it again before your attendant, that also proves it. Prices, including theatre name and playdates, and explanation sheets, are: 500—$7.00; 1000—12.50; 3000—12.00 per M; 5000—11.50 per M. If you are in doubt as to how tricky and interesting this puzzle may prove, send ten cents to cover mailing cost and receive a sample with solution chart. ECONOMY NOVELTY & PRINTING CO. 239 West 39th Street New York City Remittance with order or C.O.D. Don Juan covers books on love A number of books have been writ¬ ten about “Don Juan,” great lover. There are any number of other great love stories, including a quantity of current popular volumes. Book win¬ dows can be evolved on this feature grouping any selection of today’s ro¬ mantic favorites in fact or fiction, playing up great romances as the lead caption. The store can display a pyramid of current love stories in high favor. A cutout poster or standee of Fair¬ banks with a showcard using scenes from “The Private Life of Don Juan,” can top the pile or loom up over them. The copy approach might be: “ALL GREAT LOVE STORIES . . . ALL big romantic thrills . . . read a good romance tonight . . . see a great ro¬ mance at the Rivoli Theatre!” Hanging cutouts of star aloft Make a special effort to cover your theatre, inside and out, your neigh¬ borhood, your city and considerable of the interurban territory with cut¬ out poster figures of Fairbanks, whose agility makes appropriate his appear¬ ance on lofty perches, and unusual spots. From any one of the' posters you can get a Fairbanks of varying size. Mount it on matboard, cut it out, brace it lightly with stripling. Pro¬ vide yourself with a quantity of them, some rope, wire, string, hammer and nails, and snipe the works. Let him swing high over your canopy on a rope or vine ladder, let him sit on lofty sills, monuments, prominent tree crotches. Stand him on balustrade pillars and country fence-posts. Let him dangle from wires across lofty poles. If there are apartments or buildings with iron bal¬ conies, see that Fairbanks’ posters are displayed clambering or swinging on ropes in that direction. Stairway landings, entrances to rest rooms, arches inside your theatre can let Fairbanks’ cutouts or lifelike standees pop out. All this with the right tag sniped across giving the opening date and theatre, can be planted in advance of the run and left up through its en¬ gagement. Special cup to beauties who possess Spanish traits If there is a beauty contest set in your city, or you care to stage one, offer a special “Don Juan” cup to the most beauti¬ ful girl of striking Spanish type. The theatre and newspaper can present any of several stills of the Latin type beauties featured with Fairbanks in this picture to illustrate stories about the brunette darlings apt to be favored. Paper hearts piled on sword teaser stunt Here’s one way to adapt a mounted poster cutout to a special window or theatre lobby contest. It consists of the Fairbanks figure on an easel, with an actual foil set up, or one of slender strip¬ ling wood, so that hundreds of paper hearts can be impaled thereon. Pile on the paper and card¬ board hearts, of various colored stock, so as to make the estimating difficult. The same cutout and blade arrangement can be used as a lobby ballyhoo if an attendant can be spared to provide visitors with cutout matboard heart rings, offering guest admissions to those able to “ring” the sword with a heart from a cautious distance.