The Private Life of Don Juan (United Artists) (1934)

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Fairbanks Leaps Back Into Spoil Star-face circle winning plaque Here’s the Fairbanks star-head edition of the swanky new cameo- plaque series. See them at your ex¬ change, you can use them in many spots for displays, theatre front or windows. Done in bas-relief, photo¬ graphic likeness, tinted in colors. Each is 25" in diameter; omission of letter¬ ing allows you to use them again and again. Price is $3.75 each; order through your exchange. Cosmetic displays Cosmetic and make-up windows, and this includes those of the larger department stores in every city, as well as countless drugstores, can utilize three special Merle Oberon stills to tone up their sales approach and displays. They are Publicity stills No. 22, 23, and 24, in which powder puffs and lipstick are prominent, with Miss Oberon ap¬ plying same. Some stores may have a special cosmetic sale justifying an ad using one of this trio of stills. Answer THAT CALL of ROMANCE! DON JUAN . . . swash-buckling romanceer, most famous and most successful of all history’s lovers . . . owed his conquest of hearts to ALWAYS looking his best . . . being attentive to the little things that please women . . . selecting the best in gifts and apparel . . . see him brought to life on the Lyric Theatre screen by Douglas Fairbanks next week in “The Private Life of Don Juan” . . . and emulate his methods in these best buys! Fascinatingly creating the atmosphere of romance when romance calls to you Heaven-Aire P A R F U M - at —-- The Ekswuiseet Shoppe Meet Romance — Men/ with that Don Juan swagger to be found only in the graceful roll of a BOPP SNAPBRIM HAT BING’S BIG STORE In Romance or at work, no womian can be at ease without the comfort and style of properly shod tootsies. As you march to answer the call of romance, put your best foot forward .with PINCHLEY’S Fine Footwear Romance Calls to You! Every day . . . and every night ... on the air . . . lovers and lyrics can bring the charm of romance to your home. Hear it to perfection with the clear realism - of - VICTORY Radios Let your wife have time for romance! See the inexpensive money-and- time saving Electrical Household Appliances in the complete show¬ rooms of COLUMBUS GAS & LIGHT Above is a group of co-op ads built around a theatre section using one of the publicity mats. There is a selection possible from the ad, publicity and exploitation mats in your exchange set to allow each dealer a special bit of art, or to revamp and amplify the idea in a hundred different ways and arrangements. Fairbanks and Oberon both available in flashy life-like color display Both Fairbanks and Merle Oberon, principal of the many beautiful ladies who support the star in “The Private Life of Don Juan,” can be had in lifesize, lifelike displays standing about six feet high. They make excellent coming-attraction pieces for the foyer and landings, and can be worked into the theatre front when the feature reaches the now-playing stage. Natural colors are used, weather-proofed in gloss finish, mounted on quality board and re¬ inforced staunchly with easel-backs. Price is $6.95 each, F.O.B. New York City, remittance with order or C.O.D. Order direct from PHOTOCOLOR STUDIOS, Inc., 220 West 42nd Street, New York, N. Y.