The Private Life of Don Juan (United Artists) (1934)

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HERALD The herald on “The Private Life of Don Juan” is something more . . . far more . . . than just the stock accessory for exhibitors. It is keen adver¬ tising, graphic art, artistic genius and deliberate showmanship effectively combined for a seat¬ selling little broadside. Notice how the exemplary cover leads into the inside spread copy, recalling previous Fairbanks’ hits of the type to which he now returns. An increased distribution of these heralds means a big turn at theatre turnstiles. The entire back blank for your imprint, or co-op imprint. HERALDS are $3 the THOUSAND TRAILER The pulling power of trailers depends on the concentration of selected scenes, the appetizing little actual samples that whet a desire for more . . . and this trailer has plenty of romantic zip on a figure soon to be as big a box-office pet as “Henry VIII.” Write or wire . . . NATIONAL SCREEN SERVICE 630 Ninth Avenue, New York City 1307 So. Wabash Avenue, Chicago 1922 So. Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles 300^/4 So. Harwood Street, Dallas Announcement Slide