Tillie's Punctured Romance (United Artists) (1914)

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BY IPOlPlLlliAl^ ^EMANIP The Story Laugh hy Laugh The city slicker (CHARLIE CHAPLIN) goes to the country looking for an easy living. His atten¬ tion is attracted to Tillie Banks (MARIE DRESS- LER) as he passes by her father’s farm where she is hard at work in the vegetable garden. Tillie’s father (MACK SWAIN) is very indig¬ nant when he finds Tillie talking with Charlie be¬ cause he sees that she is quite infatuated with this stranger. Charlie has little difficulty in persuading Tillie to run away from home and hard work—but not without her life’s savings. Dazzled hy the Bright Lights Upon their arrival in the city, Charlie and Tillie proceed to enjoy the sights and in so doing they come upon Mabel (MABEL NORM AND) Charlie’s girl friend, in a nigbt club. Mabel is indignant with Charlie until he explains that his interest is just Tillie’s money, spending what he can’t latch onto. A few moments later, Charlie, seeing that Tillie’s attention is directed elsewhere, seizes an opportun¬ ity to abscond with all of her money. Mabel and Charlie leave the cafe unnoticed by Tillie who is in a hilarious mood after a bit of champagne. She is arrested for non-payment of the check. In the meantime, Mabel and Charlie proceed to spend Tillie’s money, outfitting themselves in new clothes and treating themselves to a movie. In Dire Jeopardy Back in the police station, Tillie is being ques¬ tioned by the Desk Sergeant as to her identity. The Desk Sergeant refuses to believe Tillie when she tells him she is the niece of Mr. Money Banks, multi-millionaire and prominent local citizen. When her identity is proven to be correct, Tillie is im- mediately released and taken to her uncle’s home by the authorities. Her uncle insists upon her re¬ turning to the farm and her father, but Tillie in¬ stead gets a job as a waitress. In the meantime, Tillie’s uncle leaves for a vaca¬ tion in the mountains to avoid further embarass- ment at the hands of Tillie. At the mountain resort Uncle slips from the top of a ledge and is thought to have been killed, Charlie reads the news story of the reported death, which winds up by listing Tillie as sole beir to the millionaire. Charlie hurries back to Tillie in the restaurant and upon bended knee begs forgiveness and vows his undying love for Tillie. She is overcome with Charlie’s display of devotion and hurries off with him to be married. The Villainess Returns Tillie and Charlie now proceed to take over her uncle’s big estate and give a ball for the elite of the town as their introduction into high society. Mabel learns of Charlie’s marriage to Tillie and applies for a position as maid for the night of the ball. When Tillie discovers Charlie in the arms of Mabel, she attempts to take them in hand. However, during the confusion, the uncle, who was rescued by guides at the bottom of a cavern, returns home and throws out all the guests. Charlie and Mabel are pursued by Tillie. She finally catches up with them on the ocean pier. The Keystone Cops join with rowboats, motorboats and motorcars in a chase which also involves the res¬ cuing of Tillie who has been pushed overboard in the melee. But finally both Mable and Tillie realize that Charlie is not for either one of them and he is taken away by the cops. The Credits Charlie Chaplin in Mack Sennett’s “Tillie’s Punctured Romance” with Marie Dressier, Mabel Normand, Charlie Chase, Chester Conklin, Ford Sterling, Edgar Kennedy, Ed¬ die Sutherland, Slim Summerville, Charlie Murray, Hank Mann, Mack Swain and featur¬ ing The Original Keystone Cops. An Eagle Lions Films Re-release.