Tillie's Punctured Romance (United Artists) (1914)

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Comical ‘Tillie’s Romance’ Mat 2A Charlie Chaplin, Marie Dressier, the Keystone Cops and many other top-notch comedians of the Mack Sennett era are back again in “Tillie’s Punctured Romance,” which will open . at the .Theatre, through Eagle Lion Films re-release. Charlie Chaplin Still Rated ‘Greatest Comie in World’ Recently a group of young girls was invited to attend a showing of one of Charlie Chaplin’s earliest full-length comedies. The girls went expecting to be completely bored by the “ancient” picture. But they came out raving over the little guy whom they called “the greatest comedian in the world” (a sentiment shared4- by millions of others). The appeal of Charlie Chap¬ lin is one of the entertainment phenomena of all time. Chaplin pictures without sound are still playing in competition with, and out-grossing, the newest Tcchnicolcr productions. Now the picture which started Charlie on the road to fame and fortune, “Tillie’s Punctured Ro¬ mance,” has been re-edited, given a soundtrack which is integrated with the action and is to be pre¬ sented via Eagle Lion Films lo¬ cally starting . at the . Theatre. Many Top Names “Tillie’s Punctured Romance” not only has Chaplin’s inimitable drollery but also a group of the greatest talents ever developed in motion pictures. It was produced by Mack Sennett the guiding spirit of what Life Magazine has called “comedy’s greatest eraj’ Heading the lengthy list of famous personalities who appear along with Chaplin is Marie Dressier, beloved star of the si¬ lent and early talkie days. Also in the cast are such memorable names as Mabel Normand, Eddie Sutherland, Charlie Chase, Slim Summerville Mack Swain, Edgar Kennedy and the irrepressible Keystone Cops. Coming Soon! The great comedy which intro¬ duced custard pie tossing to a delighted world, “Tillie’s Punc¬ tured Romance,” produced by Mack Sennett and starring Char¬ lie Chaplin and Marie Dressier, opens next . at the . Theatre. A complete musical score has been written for the re-presenta¬ tion of “Tillie's Punctured Ro¬ mance” by Eagle Lion Films. The score is synchronized with the ac¬ tion of the film and serves as background for the antics of Chaplin, Miss Dressier, Mabel Normand, Chester Conklin, Slim Summerville, Charlie Chase and other laugh headliners including the original Keystone Cops. In the picture, Charlie is cast as a city slicker who charms a farmer’s daughter, played by Marie Dressier. Picture That Bep Chaplin’s Film Rise Is ‘Tie’s Romance’ “Tillie’s Punctured Romance,” opening at the. Theatre on . next, is one of the most important and interesting motion pictures ever made both from the standpoint of those who see films only to be entertained and those who view movies from a critical standpoint, “Tillie’s Punctured Romance,” I being brought back by Eagle Lion Films, is credited by screen his¬ torians with having done more than any other single picture to launch the world-wide popularity of Charlie Chaplin. I In the picture Marie Dressier j is co-starred as an ill-fated coun- I try matron who listens to the I blandishments of the debonair I Chaplin and flees with him to the wicked life of the city. There both her happiness and her for¬ tune are endangered by the re¬ appearance of Mabel Normand playing a slinky siren who had previously been Chaplin’s light- of-love. Introduction of a new musical background co-ordinated with the fast and furious action of “Til¬ lie’s Punctured Romance” adds much to the mirth of the picture. “Tillie’s Punctured Romance” includes many of the stars who became world-wide favorites un¬ der the aegis of Mack Sennett. Among them are Eddie Suther¬ land, Charlie Chase, Slim Sum¬ merville, Chester Conklin, Char¬ lie Murray, Ford Sterling, Hank Mann, Edgar Kennedy, Mack Swain and the original Keystone Cops. Custard Pie Tossing Introduced to Filins Via ‘Tillie’s Romance' What’s so funny about a beau¬ tifully dressed woman being hit in the face by a custard pie? Nobody knows the psychologi¬ cal explanation but the fact re¬ mains that the custard pie is probably the funniest comedy “prop” ever devised by the in¬ spired laughmasters of the Mack Sennett movie era. Custard pies have gotten more laughs than the traditional bar¬ rel of monkeys. And now the pic¬ ture which started the gooey con¬ fections on the way to laughter’s Hall of Fame, Sennett’s “Tillie’s Punctured Romance,” is return¬ ing in a new modernized version to the . Theatre starting on . next. Not only is “Tillie’s Punctured Romance” immortal for its intro¬ duction of the custard pie but it also marked the first big success of two of the greatest screen names of all time—Charlie Chap¬ lin and Marie Dressier, The original Keystone Cops are also on view in “Tillie’s Punctur¬ ed Romance” which has been dressed-up with a new soundtrack keyed to the laugh-a-minute pace of the comedy classic by Eagle Lion Films. Mat lA The inimitable Charlie Chaplin is back in another of his great comedies, in which he is starred with Marie Dressier and a host of other fun-makers. The picture, “Tillie’s Punctured Romance,” opens.at the.. Theatre. Features Charlie Chaplin Famed Comedienne Marie Dressier Star Of ‘Tillie’s Romance’ Anybody reading this who is under thirty probably won’t re¬ member Marie Dressier—but just ask the older folks and they will tell you that she was one of the most delightful and unusual screen comediennes. Miss Dressier is chiefly famed for her Academy Award-winning performance in “Min and Bill” and for her inspired portrayal of the immortal Tugboat Annie. Now the picture which started her on the road to fame and for¬ tune, “Tillie’s Punctured Ro¬ mance,” produced by Mack Sen¬ nett and co-starring Charlie Chaplin is being re-presented starting next . at the. .. Theatre. “Tillie’s Punctured Romance,” which Eagle Lion Films is re¬ presenting was Sennett’s first full-length comedy and ushered in an era of motion pictures when slapstick comedy was king and and Mack Sennett was the king¬ maker. Among other famed Sennett- created stars in “Tillie’s Punc¬ tured Romance,” which now has been modernized by the addition of a musical background synchro¬ nized with the film’s action, are Mabel Normand, Slim Summer¬ ville, Mack Swain, Charlie Chase, Hank Mann, Edgar Kennedy and the original Keystone Cops. ♦ “Tillie’s Punctured Romance” is a famous motion picture—any contrary-minded readers pray consider these facts: 1. “Tillie’s Punctured Ro¬ mance” was the first full- length comedy produced by laughmaster Mack Sennett. 2. “Tillie’s Punctured Ro¬ mance” started Charlie Chaplin on the road to film fame. 3. “Tiilie’s Punctured Ro¬ mance” started Marie Dressier on the road to film fame. 4. “Tillie’s Punctured Ro¬ mance” introduced cus¬ tard pie tossing as a sure¬ fire laugh-getter. Local audiences will have a chance to discover all this for themselves when a modern ver¬ sion of “Tillie’s Punctured Ro¬ mance” opens . at the . Theatre. A special mu¬ sical soundtrack has been syn¬ chronized with the film which is being re-presented by Eagle Lion Films. In addition to Chaplin and Miss Dressier such Sennett notables as Mabel Normand, Charlie Chase, Eddie Sutherland, Ford Sterling, Hank Mann, Edgar Kennedy, Mack Swain and the original Keystone Cops are on view in ‘Tillie’s Punctured Romance.” ‘Tillie’ Comes Back “Tillie’s Punctured Romance,” starring Charles Chaplin with Marie Dressier, Mabel Normand, the Keystone Cops and a host of other great comics of the Mack Sennett era, is being brought back to the screen with a new up-to-date sound synchronized version. The picture is being re-released by Eagle Lion Films, opens . at the . Theatre. Chaplin Is Voted Best of All Time Recently a poll was conducted to select the greatest male screen personality of all time and Char¬ lie Chaplin was the overwhelm¬ ing winner. What makes this poll even more significant is that the voters were all veteran Holly- woodites — who have seen them all come and go. The results are not surprising when it is considered that twen¬ ty year-old Chaplin silent com¬ edy “City Lights,” is currently playing on Broadway and out- grossing many of today’s Techni¬ color specials. No one has ever duplicated Chaplin’s appeal to millions all over the world. The picture which started Chaplin on this unparalleled ca¬ reer, “Tillie’s Punctured Ro¬ mance” which will open at the . through Eagle Lion Films release, casts along with Chaplin such famed screen personalities as Mabel Normand, Marie Dressier, Charlie Chase, the original Keystone Cops, Mack Swain, Chester Conklin, Fdgar Kennedy and Slim Summerville. ‘Tillie’s Romance’ Recalls Film Era Charlie Chaplin, Marie Dress¬ ier, Mabel Normand, the Key¬ stone Cops, Mack Sennett . . . what memories those names con¬ jure up for millions of movie¬ goers ! They bring to life a whole screen era when comedy was king and the whole world laughed at the hysterical antics of Sennett’s celluloid maniacs. The first full-length Sennett film which marked the real start¬ ing point of this entire era was “Tillie’s Punctured Romance” which has been completely mod¬ ernized by Eagle Lion Films for its presentation starting . at the . Theatre. Hollywood authorities recog¬ nize “Tillie’s Punctured Ro¬ mance” .as .the picture .which started both Chaplin and Miss Dressier on the road to film fame. In the film Chaplin plays a “confidence man” who beguiles Miss Dressier and then is caught in his own web. Many of Sennett’s famed funnymen are cast includ¬ ing Miss Normand, Eddie Suther¬ land, Charlie Chase, Chester Conklin, Charlie Murray, Ford Sterling, Hank Mann, Edgar Kennedy and Mack Swain. Chaplin Starrer To Open Here In keeping with the belief that a Charlie Chaplin comedy is al¬ ways a welcome feature, the Theatre has made ar¬ rangements to show the new up- to-date sound synchronized ver¬ sion of “Tillie’s Punctured Ro¬ mance,” in which the great com¬ edian is starred with Marie Dressier and a host of other fine fun-makers. The picture is being re-released by Eagle Lion Films and will open here on . next. ‘Tillie’s Romance’ ^ A Sennett ‘First’ No producer in Hollywood ever produced more pictures or cre¬ ated more stars than Mack Sen¬ nett. Sennett has more than 700 pic¬ tures to his credits and his list of star discoveries includes such names as Bing Crosby, W. C. Fields, Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, Gloria Swanson, Carole Lombard and dozens more. First of Sennett’s full-length pictures which ushered in an en¬ tire screen era when comedy was king was “Tillie’s Punctured Ro¬ mance,” being re-presented start¬ ing . at the . Theatre via Eagle Lion Films. “Tillie’s Punctured Romance” includes many of Sennett’s most famous comedy personalities. It stars Charlie Chaplin and Marie Dressier. Other great names in the cast include Mabel Normand, Charlie Chase, Slim Summerville,^ Hank Mann, Ford Sterling and^ Edgar Kennedy. Also included are the original Keystone Cops. The picture has been completely modernized by the addition of a full-length musical score. Keystone Coppers Return to Screen The Keystone Cops in action are a synonym for complete in¬ sanity. Their lunatic antics delighted millions all over the world and carved them a lasting niche in the screen’s Hall of Fame. Now the buffoonery of the ori¬ ginal Keystone Cops is back on the screen of the . Theatre where they return starting .... in “Tillie’s Punctured Romance,” co-starring Charlie Chaplin and Marie Dressier. “Tillie’s Punctured Romance,” first full-length comedy produced by the famed Mack Sennett has been completely revised for this presentation by Eagle Lion Films. A new musical score has be^^ synchonized with the action ^ the comedy. Also appearing in “Tillie’s Punctured Romance” are Mabel Normand, Mack Swain, Chester Conklin, Slim Summerville, Ed¬ die Sutherland and many other Sennett-discovered laugh-getters.